Switzerland -> Norway Nordkapp Expedition. Charging in Norway?

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Hello All,

I want to undertake a veeeery long road-trip from Switzerland to the Nordkapp (Northcape) in Switzerland. By the time i'm going in 2015, there will be Superchargers up to around 1/3 of the way up in Norway (getting to Norway itself is SC's all the way so that is not a problem).
After charging at the last SC, it will be non-SC charging all the way up north and back again until we reach the SC again.

My question is: i've been reading up on charging in Norway and have seen Bjorn Nyland's Nordkapp Videos on YouTube. Bjorn borrowed a 22kW mobile charger and was able to use it at various locations along the way.

I have a "Juice Booster1" 22kW charger, bought in Switzerland and it works fine everywhere i go south of the Nordics (i have adapters for anything continental europe can throw at me).
I will take Tesla's own UMC along too as a backup.
But various people warned me about large parts of Norway (still) having IT based power-systems which have no earth-grounding, making charging an EV impossible.

How big is this problem really, when i get north of Mosjoen where the most Northern SC will be according to todays known SC planning ?

I have not yet reached the planning phase of contacting people to ask them where i can charge so far up north. I first want to find out what kind of adapters i'll be needing there besides CEE32 and CEE16 etc. (which i have already).


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    Update: There are now so many superchargers along the way north, that we can "refuel" all the way up 3/4 of Norway. Only when driving towards the Alta region will we need to recharge at 22kW Type2 chargers. Most of those are at hotels.
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    Why don't you test if the Juice Bouster works without the earth grounding. If it works, there is a good chance that it will also work in Norway. Good luck.
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    The Juice Booster will, logically, not work without grounding, just like the UMC. We are not talking about charging a mobile phone here ;-)

    It has been a while since i wrote this post. By now, there are SuperChargers all the way up to Setermoen. The stretch from there to Alta and beyond will have to be done via AC charging. Mostly at Hotels where they often have 22kW chargers.
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