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Model S upgrades being seen.

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There are side warning and lane departure features being included on the Delay-shipped Model S's. Possible feature changes for the Model X.

If you have not read, take a look at the link.


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    Cool, is it reasonable to assume these upgrades came with the production line revamp for the X?

    It is good to know they are addressing some of the features that have become much more prevalent in the luxury market since the MS debuted.

    Now we just need some ventilated seats...
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    ...and back-up camera guidance lines, and a head up display, and additional exterior and interior colors as well as a better quality interior, including more supportive seats....but wait...there's more!
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    ...sixteen more shades of gray: coming right up!
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    keep track of the S updates.... now lane steering and Adapt Cruise. The Beat Goes ON......
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    I sat in a car today - VIN 44xxx - in a Tesla service center that had a forward facing radar unit, forward facing camera, and side detectors - I also touched the screen and saw various software controls bit that did useful and appropriate things with this new hardware…

    there was also a setting for an "Air Ionizer" that I'd not seen before.

    The Tesla employees at said service center were adamant that what I was seeing did not exist and I was to forget everything I saw since that car clearly could not exist…since it had not been announced.

    It was not a customer car and they confirmed it was a Tesla owned vehicle for test drives and such. it had less than 1,000 miles on it.

    I'm already forgetting what I saw - what was I saying again?
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    dortor You're getting sleepy, sleepy....
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    They're testing upcoming features to destruction. Hard job, but someone has to do it.
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