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Visit to Amsterdam, Netherlands 16-19th October 2014 - parking and charging help required please!

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Dear Fellow Tesla owners,

My wife and I are visiting family who live in Nieuweleliestraat from the 16th to the 19th of October inclusive and are driving from Oxford, UK in our Tesla Model S.

Can anyone help with some advice about parking and charging our Model S whilst we are in Amsterdam?

Best regards,



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    Hi Adam

    Yes I can! I just went to the Hague last week and there are loads of public charging points dotted all over town. They are mainly 11kW 3 phase on street charging posts.

    You need to get a card from

    They will require a bank card as you do pay for charging in the Netherlands.

    The lady I spoke to was called Yasmin van Haaster. She speaks (like almost everyone in Holland) fluent english and was super helpful. I had a problem with the charge post next to my hotel and even the helpline was fantastic and all in English.

    Order the card now and you should comfortably get the card by the 16th, posted to the UK. I had mine delivered to the hotel in the Hague as I was a bit disorganised.

    If you don't get your card by the 14th, drop me a pm as one of our offices is in Oxford and we have an internal post van so I can lend you my card if you give me a day's notice.


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    @alexjfrost - thank you so much for the advice. I shall order a card straightaway and look forward to an easy ride to Amsterdam!
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    This will provide a google map of tried and tested AC charging points in the Netherlands and Belgium.
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    Dear Jackie425,

    Thank you very much!

    Best regards,

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