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Bluetooth transmitter for CD player

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I've been trying for a while now to find a CD player/Bluetooth transmitter combo that would let me play CDs in the car. First the portable player was no good (don't buy a Memorex; the sound is terrible, which is actually something of an engineering feat) and now the transmitter, a QLINK made by ClearSounds, seems to be badly designed.

Neither the Tesla nor my Bluetooth-equipped Audi, both of which will play the music on my iPhone, will pair with this thing. The manual says it uses something called the A2DP profile, so "please make sure your Bluetooth stereo receiver supports Bluetooth A2DP profile."

Hoo, boy. How are we supposed to know this, may I ask just for starters? And to paraphrase Douglas Adams, this seems to be some new use of the idea of STANDARDS that I'm not familiar with. One where the "standard" comes in many incompatible sub-types.

Has anyone tried using a QLINK for this, or found a similar device that works with the S? -- E. Brad


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