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@TESLAROADTRIP “Tesla Meets Tesla” First Annual Event at Wardenclyffe, 25 October 14

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Greetings Fellow Tesla Owners, Reservation Holders, and Enthusiasts!!!! We have been working for the past 5 months with the Tesla Science Center (TSC) Board on a very special event, and we now have approval to begin to advertise this first-ever annual event dubbed “Tesla Meets Tesla.” This event is an outreach by Tesla owners in support of the Tesla Science Center mission, which is to “Develop Nikola Tesla’s last and only existing laboratory in Shoreham, NY (USA) into a science and technology center and museum.” This laboratory, built in 1901, was called Wardenclyffe, and the entrance is located at 1-5 Randall Rd, Shoreham, NY 11786. We are looking for 30 Tesla car owners to serve as volunteers for fall cleanup on the site in the morning (9 am to noon). At 1 pm, following the cleanup session, the TSC will open this historic site to the public to inform them about Wardenclyffe and what Nikola Tesla did on the site, the critical need for funds to rebuild the facility, and also give people an opportunity to learn about Tesla car technology (this is where our Tesla car owners and the Tesla store in Syosset NY come in). THIS IS THE FIRST TIME WARDENCLYFFE HAS BEEN OPENED TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC.

The 25 October “Tesla Meets Tesla” event is split into two time periods. From 0900-1200, we need 30 Tesla Owners to bring their Teslas and do some cleanup chores at the site (removing debris, trimming, etc. - nothing too strenuous!) at the direction of the TSC Board who will have a list of chores for the volunteers. However, before we get started, we will line up the 30 Teslas and owners in front of Tesla's lab and take photos. Then we will park the 30 Teslas in the area designated by the TSC Board (for the afternoon public viewing) and get to work. At noon we will take a break, cleanup and change clothes (if necessary), and prepare for the public session from 1-4 PM. At the event some of Long Island's best food trucks will be there to feed folks (pay as you go), high-end heated/air conditioned portable bathrooms for your comfort, and Tesla folks from the Sysosset Store will be there also.

Two last notes:
• The TSC Board is running this show (and we Tesla Owners are in support of the TSC), and it is about educating the public, raising money, and showing the public Nikola Teslas last remaining lab in the U.S.
• The rain date for this event is Sunday 26 October.
• We cannot have more than 30 Teslas and 30 volunteers during the cleanup. If you are bringing children, you will need to ensure they are monitored (i.e., babysat, so to speak) at all times, as there are areas in Wardenclyffe that are not safe to go.

If you can attend the cleanup session from 9 am to noon and you can bring your Tesla, post the following info in the thread:
• Name
• Mobile number (you can email me your cell phone number if you [email protected])
• Model info (Roadster, Model S60, 85, P85, P85+)
• Color of car
• Number of guests coming with you.
• Whether you can stay on the 26th in the event of rain on the 25th.

If you cannot bring your car or don't want to help with the cleanup from 9-12 but you want to help the TSC Board with any help they need throughout the morning and afternoon, please provide the following:
• Name
• Mobile number (you can PM your mobile number to me if you like)
• Number of setup volunteers

We look forward to hearing from at least 30 Tesla owners for this first-ever event! And keep an eye out on the forum for an announcement about a MASSIVE fund raising event to raise $30 million dollars to bring Wardenclyffe back to life and realize the dream of the Tesla Science Center!!! Jim


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    Count me in:
    Model S P85
    Number of volunteers: Me, and I would like to bring my two sons, 8 & 11 if there is room (I don't want to bump another would-be Tesla owner). They are hard workers, and big fans of Tesla Motors AND Nikola Tesla...We actually all took a drive out to Wardenclyffe together shortly after I got my Tesla, and shortly before the property was bought by the Tesla Science Center group...We took a photo of my car with the old lab in the background, we peeked through the gates, and strongly considered hopping the fence to poke around (But didn't ;)
    I/we're also available on the rain-date.
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    I'm in for the whole day.

    Available rain date as well.
    Just me.

    I'll email my mobile to you.

    Thanks, Austin
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    wow..two Austins? Whoda thunk? Thanks, guys!!!! I just noticed that the Tesla Science Center has not updated their website to reflect this event, so I asked them to do this today! Jim
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    Yeah, sorry about that, it's too early for this. I thought Austin started the thread.

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    @JThompson I suggest posting this on the main Model S forum as well. Owners from CT and NJ might also be interested in participating.
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    @J.T.: I have it posted on the "New Jersey" forum as well as the "All Regions" forum on And I have it posted on the Mid Atlantic forum on TMC (cannot post but one place on TMC or you get labeled as a spammer). But I certainly will take your suggestion and post to Model S (as well as Roadsters, as they are a important piece of Tesla!). Thanks!
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    I'll be there,
    Roadster 2.0 Silver
    We will be a total of 4 volunteers.
    At least two of us will stay the whole day.

    Rain date should be good as well.

    I will E-mail my cell #
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    @Sight2020: Got your email (tho it went into Junk Mail) and I emailed you back. Thank you for joining us!! The event is now posted on the Tesla Science Museum website, too - getting excited!!
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    @Sight2020: Just going to pack 4 people in your Roadster? :)
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    We still have 6 more slots available for more Teslas (Model S or Roadsters), so sign up if you have not already! Once I hit the magic number (30 cars) or get as close as we are going to get, I will send an email out to everyone who is signed up with a list of who is coming and from where, along with their contact info.

    The event is now on the Tesla Science Center website:
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    Count my wife and me in for the 25th only. Tesla Model S Signature Red #278. [email protected], (203) 918-4444. Ken & Ann Edwards
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    @Ken E: Awesome - thanks!! I'll be sending out one or two emails before the event next week so keep an eye out for them. Jim
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    Count me in for Saturday the 25th
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    We only have a few spots left before we hit the magical number of 30 cars!!! If you have not signed up and want to, please email me your info at [email protected] Please don't leave a message on the forum as things are starting to get really busy as we prep for the event and I will not have time to check the forums.
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    Thank you, Jim, for organizing a fantastic event. The turn out was terrific, the Tesla Science people were incredibly welcoming and nice job with the weather as well. :-)
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    @J.T.: Thank you!
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    Hey everybody - the "Tesla Meets Tesla" event on Saturday October 25th went fantastic! Thanks to the 27 Tesla owners (from VA, DE, PA, MD, CT, NY, and NJ!) and all the add'l volunteers for lending a hand to cleanup Wardenclyffe and then show your cars to over 500+ attendees t the afternoon public session. For those who could not attend, you can see some video at and also at

    The Tesla Science Center Board intends to make this an annual event, so keep an ear out for next year's event (where will will surely have some Model S "D" and Model X owners in attendance!!!
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    BTW, for anyone reading this, one of the goals of the "Tesla Meets Tesla" event was to raise needed funds for the Tesla Science Center. The Buy a Brick for Nick campaign will provide only a drop in the bucket for what the TSC needs to build it's dream of a Tesla Science Center. But if every Tesla Owner and Reservation Holder set aside $1 a day for 365 days and sent that to the TSC, we could fund the entire amount by the next "Tesla Meets Tesla" event!!!! I'm doing my part by sending $365 to the TSC - please join me in doing the same and getting the word out to all your Tesla buds!!!
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