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Model X build on site?

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Been waiting almost a year & 1/2, and was hoping last weeks "d" event would finally debut X.
Any one out there have any idea when it will go live?
Recently visited the Oak Brook store in IL., and they won't say anything!
Well trained employees that won't spill the beans......
But we are getting frustrated.


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    Well, I have been waiting even longer, and have to say that it will be soon. The NAIAS is only 3 months away, and it is highly unlikely that we will not know something before then.
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    The X debut is most definitely worthy of it's own event. I agree that they'll very likely have one before NAIAS. As we saw with the D release, it will be well worth the wait!

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    I have long said that some lucky Tesla Model X owners would get them before Christmas 2014. I am very likely wrong, since the Design Studio will not allow reservation holders to configure their cars yet.

    There is always the possibility that there will be a Model X Release Event in December... Which would mean that lucky handful of new owners would be invited to come pick them up, at Fremont or Hawthorne. But it would likely also mean that would be a closely guarded secret... Because they have seen the options and prices and have configured their cars already...

    Who could it be, I wonder...?
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    It was my understanding that the Sig Models would be configured by Tesla... If that is true, then Tesla could build and price them and offer to the Signature Holders on the wait list to "yea" or Neigh", and move down the wait list. Couldn't that be done without a design center.... Keeping Red Sage Predictions alive..... Please be True...DECEMBER Rules!
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    Tesla is not likely to build cars before beta testing is complete. Thankfully they are very confident about AWD. Let's say that best case beta results in some very minor hardware and software tweaks, enabling them to build production models that take say 3 weeks from start to finish. No one seems to have seen or heard of a beta model yet. How long does beta testing take? Weeks? Months? So maybe beta models start showing up Nov 3; they get tested throughout November. Suppose the review of the results at the end of November are very good, requiring only three weeks to tweak the design for production and do final SW integration testing. Maybe they start the first signature production builds during the first week in December awaiting the final tweaks. Under those circumstances they might roll out a handful of signature models between Christmas and New Year's days.

    You think?
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    <b>@georgehawley&lt;/b>, I'm not sure why everybody is still "hopeful" that a few signature models will be produced in December 2015. I have the following 3 reasons why I believe that this will *not* happen:

    1.) According to the following <a href=>Wikipedia page</a>,

    <quote>Production was initially scheduled to start by the end of 2013, and later postponed several times in order for the company to achieve Model S production targets and to focus on overseas roll outs. As of <u>February 2014</u>, the company expects to begin deliveries for retail customers in the <u>second quarter of 2015</u>.</quote>

    2.) I expect a quicker roll-out of the MX when compared to what occurred for the MS. I expect Tesla to get up to maximum production in 2-3 months, which means that I would expect that the first MX would be produced around Jan/Feb of next year (at the earliest).

    3.) The above information was from Feb 2014 and in my experience dates always slip, so I wouldn't be surprised if the actual production date slips to the <u>end</u> of the 2nd Quarter 2015 (or later).

    Just my 2 cents...I'm only trying to set people's expectations so that they're not disappointed next month (when I suspect that the final dates will be revealed).

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    Obviously, I meant "produced in December 2014", not "2015" in my last post.
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