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I just reserved a Model X, and I'm wondering if I'll be able to fit a family of 4 and skis into the vehicle. I imagine I can probably get skis between the second row seats and have them rest on top of the third row seats. Or maybe fold down the third row seats and put them in the rear?

The falcon wing doors look like they would make any type of roof rack solution impossible for this car. Trade offs...

Anyhoo, just wondering if anyone else is thinking about this.

This is all speculation, of course, but what else are we supposed to do during this maddening waiting period?


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    <b>@Jeffolee&lt;/b>, I'm guessing you only have to wait another month or so before the production model is finally revealed and all your questions will be answered. Elon Musk (in Norway) has acknowledged that ski/snowboard transport is important and has indicated that they have some innovative solutions in the pipe-line.

    There has been a lot of speculation of what those innovative solutions might be in this forum, such as:
    - allowing for a roof-mounted solution by preventing the falcon wing doors from opening up all the way (using the door sensors)
    - under-the-seat storage for ski/snowboards
    - a small custom roof-mounted solution that fits between the doors down the roof center-line
    - a custom roof-mounted solution that slides out of the way when the rear doors open (e.g. Slides forward/backward)

    You also have the option of using the trailer hitch to add a rear ski rack.

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    yeah what vandacca said; pretty sure we are going to see some clever storage solution for roof mounted goodies. something as thin and long as skis may actually fit inside under or beside the seats somehow ?

    here's hoping the reveal is 1 month or less away
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    There are third party options like Seasucker. This type of rack uses vacuum, and mounts on both glass or aluminum. I use it on my Bmw i3, and see that they will fit great on the Tesla X, either on the rear door, or on the Falcon Door.

    It has also been promised a solution to mount skis under the seats.

    The third option is off course to have a rack mounted on the Tow bar. Thule amongst others have solutions for this.

    So I am not to worried about the lack of a normal ski rack option on the X.
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