Windows Phone syncing calendar and App

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Has anyone been able to find Tesla App for the cell phone? Also has anyone been able to figure out how to sync windows/outlook calendar to the Tesla model S P85
I heard it is possible for the calendar and the cell phone app.
Let me know if you know where I can get one.


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    I use the "Tesla Connect" app on windows phone. It currently has limited sync capability. You must press the 3 dots in the lower right corner and tell it to sync. It does not do it automatically. The Developer is currently working on the auto sync capability.
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    Also, Tesla is updating the auth scheme so that it will be more secure, but then third party apps won't work, which sucks. We should ask Tesla to authorize/certify the developers of the two Windiws Phone apps yo allow them to keep the apps functional.
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    I have used the Tesla Companion App on a Window 8.1 phone.

    My favorite feature is warming the car up in the cold weather.

    There is no calendar feature, but I am happy to report the app continues to work with the current release of the Tesla S software.
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    I'm using Tesla connect, love it, but can't get the calendar to sync.
    Anyone had any luck syncing outlook with the calendar in their car?
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    I've tried it too but had no luck with the calendar sync. Everything else about the app works well.
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