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Possible Beta X Picture

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It's on another forum, I won't say which one, but the first word is Tesla, and the last is Club. I'm trying to get past the spam filter. My first post got blocked.
-Vehicle in Freemont lot under cover.
-partially open falcon wings lifting cover enough to see rear door opening.
-no side mirrors
-might have Signature paint
Speculate away!


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    when the photo was taken ???
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    This Tuesday
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    thank you
    he became a handsome man, or
    in the back of the same strong slope as before?
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    I can't tell, since the falcon wings are slightly open. The doors appear to be push the top of the cover about 6 inches above the roof, using the Rav4 EV as a guide. Something that does stick out to me is the ground clearance, but it could be the angle.
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    This reminds me of those Bigfoot sightings.

    Sorry, couldn't resist :)
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    I personally don't think it's a Model X. The rear driver's side door opening that is visible under the cover is much too small to provide access to the third row.
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    I think you might be right. I thought about that, but I just now looked at various pictures of the S and X prototype with the rear door open. However, that doesn't explain the uneven lifting of the cover or missing door. Also, there are no side mirrors. Could it be a new mule on the S using the cameras instead of mirrors? It's definitely some variation of S, unless I'm missing something. Is there any evidence of a non-silver Model S with the weight box?
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    Could be a Model S with a roof rack, where the side view mirror and rear door were somehow damaged and have been removed. Or maybe the side view mirrors are just folded in, otherwise they wouldn't be able to get the cover on because the pockets for the mirrors wouldn't reach the mirrors, because of the roof rack.
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    It's definitely a Model S and not a Model X. The visible parts are consistent with what you'd find on the Model S, including the position of the fog lights, the trim under the doors, and the distance and shape of the body panel between the rear door opening and wheel well. The suspension must be in high and there's something on the roof, but it looks too much like a Model S to be anything else.
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