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Roosevelt Field Showroom is closed

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Roosevelt Field Showroom is closed. It was open 3 weeks ago as I was there talking to the rep, but now it is closed. They are redesigning the mall but it seemed kind of sudden. I know they have the Syosset service center & showroom. Anybody know the story?



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    Since NY only allows Tesla 5 galleries and Syosset has shown to be a much more active sales location for Long Island Tesla is probably going to put another gallery in Manhattan, probably somewhere near 57th. That will make 2 in Manhattan, 2 in Westchester and 1 on Long Island.
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    Jt can you list the address of these galleries I can't find them, even with google
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    @acegreat1 I'll do you one better. Go to the top of this page and click on FIND US. You'll see a map of stores, service centers and Superchargers. Filter to just the stores and you should see two Ts in Westchester, 2 on Manhattan and 1 on Long Island. Click on them for addresses and contact info.
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    awesome thank you
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