Bought a damaged tesla. Is it worth to fix?

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Bought a Tesla Roadster from scrapyard. Basically front Bumper, Headlamp(left), left fender(front), and Left suspension parts and wheel(left).

ALL parts from windshield to the end are all fine.


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    Replacing carbon fiber body parts is pricey business.
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    ksta87, what's your email address?
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    Would it be a better idea to sell used parts?
    Just trying to gather ideas what i can do with it.

    Thanks in advance
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    If the engine is in good condition, why not?
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    A friend just bought a salvage Roadster and drove it for weeks before replacing the front hood and fenders. He got great deals on parts from another rear ended roadster. about 1/3 normal cost when all was said and done.

    It's amazing even after an accident that originally left the insurance saying not worth the repair, so salvage. Recently Tesla said no more support for DIY repairs. We'll see if they ever change but I see their point on keeping quality and safety up at the top.

    I think it's always worth repairing, reusing , recycling.
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    Hidden accident damage is no joke.
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    If the battery can accept a charge and you can spin the rear wheels the yes I would give it a try. Many body shops can repair damage. The drive train is what is critical on an EV.
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    The big question is the battery condition as that is worth about $30,000 today (although there is hope that price will go down with the gigafactory coming on-line). Some others on this site may be better at detailing how to check battery condition (charge capacity or CAC). If the car was left uncharged for a long period, the battery could be a complete loss in which case it would probably not pay to rebuild as that is half the value of the car. I think the resale value of these cars is depressed with worries about long-term battery replacement which I believe will eventually resolve itself with 2500 customers out there ready to buy a replacement battery in 6 to 8 years.
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