Fast build and delivery. Will I get the fastestbeuropean delivery ever?

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I ordered my S85 on November the 7th
It was confirmed on November the 11th.
On the 13th it was already in delivery.
Delivery will be "late December"
That is including the train ride to NY, the boat trip to Rotterdam, and the final assembly in Tilburg.
If they make it, it is incredible.


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    13th in production I meant
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    wow... Our Model S is ordered Aug 28, delivery 23. Dec.14 for S85 shipping to switzerland.
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    Ordered on Nov. 11, delivery late Feb. Well yours is fast, this I can tell :-)
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    Expected arrival in Rotterdam, December 14th..
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    My S85 to Switzerland was finished in production on Nov 14, but I'm still waiting for further dates. Still hope the promised delivery late December will be maintained.

    @seisend: when was yours finished in production?
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    My delivery here in Switzerland has again been postponed, from Dec. 17 to 20. Hope this is now the last change. P85, confirmed somewhere in April, asked for delivery early December. Was confirmed for early Dec for the longest time, and two weeks ago the pushing of dates started. Wonder what is going on. But my DS confirmed to me that the car is in Europe...
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    My car will arrive in Rotterdam 16 December.
    Pick up date is set for 31 dec.
    49 days from ordering until delivery.
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