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  • I've got you all beat by several years! I have roadster #304. Batteries died in 2017. First took over a year to get the upgrade to 3.0. Cost was $30000. Then once installed, I had what was the final drive from the service center home.
    Within a week the car wouldn't charge. They said one of the battery cells was defective. Had to go back to CA for rework. Once they were reinstalled, still not charging Cited the problem as the PEM was bad. Took additional 6 months for new PEM manufactured in Norway...$15000. With new PEM installed still not charging. With me more and more pissed off after nearly 4 years, the latest is that they removed the computer because they couldn't get the logs to download so they could do further diagnosis. That was 4 months ago with no follow up.

    At this point I've given up. The car with the cover on has become nothing more than a place to pile stuff in my garage.

    If Tesla as a company was truly respectable they would step up and either devote the resources necessary to provide support to the earliest adopters...or at the least be willing to compensate in some way. At this point what with their stock price what it is, they could either offer an incentive to trade for the new roadster or other model, or simply offer a salvage price.

    For me, just can't decide whether to scrap it or park it in my back yard as a jungle gym for the kids.

    I also have S #50, and X #91. I've also referred the purchase of 4 other S's to friends.

    Based not only on my utter frustration with the laughable (cryable) experience with the roadster, but many unsatisfactory service center visits with my other cars, at this point I warn any of my friends that they should think twice before they buy a Tesla.

    The good news is that there are now other more reputable car companies...companies who have proven better quality and customer service who are now/soon offering pure electric. They will get my business.

    I'm done with Tesla.
  • Took the 2010 Tesla Roadster (51K miles) to the San Rafael, California Tesla service center 3x May-August 2020 (I live 3 miles from Tesla San Francisco yet they quit servicing original Roadsters in 2019 or so). I suspected the alignment needed attention and wanted the audio fixed for the radio was wiggy. Service manager Jay Desai warned that old Roadsters were being bought back by his Tesla Center for "parts". Over a week later at pick-up I was told the original bearings were okay yet non-replaceable, and the audio was fixed. Soon, though, I discovered the under-dashboard USB charger was not working.

    Two more times I brought it back because of failure in tire well insulation—original half-inch thick insulation had been replaced with low-grade 1/8" thin insulation and just melted-off at high speed which caused deadly steering problems. By August 2020 I had paid over $3,000 and had begun to suspect they'd swapped-out my Roadster's original bearings / bushings for "parts".

    This Roadster was tight at low and high speeds before I brought to San Rafael for service; I wanted the alignment checked because the vehicle "lists slightly to the left". It turned out to be that the tire well insulation was loose (at high speeds) and needed replacement.

    The car has never driven the same. It makes me sad.

    I contacted Mr. Desai in September 2020 and in December, a phone call and via email, with my questions. NO response. WTF?

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