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  • wondering why there is no chrome lettering on the back of the 2019 and 2020 tesla model S saying it is a Model S?
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  • 2020 Model S arrived 5 days ago on last Thursday with no A/C. It is at least 95 degrees with heat index 108 under a tree shade much hotter inside the car.
    The A/C compressor also cools the batteries and without it is not safe to drive the car. Took 5 days of trying by phone and being on hold to get a tow truck to the nearest service center 3 hours away and now we have no car.
    Also they won't bring the car back so we have to take time off from work to go pick it up. Disappointing customer care service so far.
  • MCU Upgrade and Tesla service
    I want to upgrade my 2017 Tesla S 100D from MCU1 to MCU2. So far I have had 3 appointments cancelled, all the evening before the appointment. My 4th appointment is scheduled for this Friday. What are the chances it will be cancelled? There is no one to talk to or complain about this. They don't answer phone calls or E mails. My time is valuable and each time I had to cancel my day to bring the car into the service center. I know I am venting but this is very poor service and extremely inconsiderate of my time.
  • Tesla Service is really going downhill. Our local service center won’t answer the phone. They want you to schedule using the app. But the app wants you to specify exactly what you want done, yet as a customer, who am I to determine what needs to be done for my vehicle at it current age and mileage?
  • I think Tesla Service Centers are now overwhelmed with the number of cars needing to come in. They are trying to deal with this somewhat by doing mobile service. But apparently mobile is only available in some areas.
  • At this point I couldn’t recommend Tesla due to the lack of available service.
  • >@bill_98335981 said:
    >But the app wants you to specify exactly what you want done, yet as a customer, who am I to determine what needs to be done for my vehicle at it current age and mileage?

    There is a manual and it does state items you might consider at a specific time and mileage. See page 185. I guess Tesla could hire thousands of extra techs to read from the owner's manual over the phone. I'd prefer to have lower costs than such a waste of resources.

    You might consider a Taycan. At three times the price and 2-3 times the cost to do anything on the car, perhaps they can afford to have thousands of techs waiting to read the manuals to their owners.
  • What charging equipment comes with my 2020 Model S?
  • On board charger of approx 32A.

    A Mobile Connector (MC) with one or more adapters.

    It is the cable looking thingy, typically in the front trunk. Sometimes can be found in a circular black mesh caddy.

    You will need to purchase an adapter for the MC unless you have a 14-50 outlet already.

    A MANUAL that has a supplement that tells you how to use the above.
  • My 2014 Tesla P85D has "supply voltage too low can not drive," put in a new battery, same situation. I tried the heat that's not working as well. Pyrofuse is good no resistance.

    My guess is it's the GEN2 DC-DC converter, did not see any info on fuses for this unit, only GEN 1 (tear down).

    Service center appointment 14 days away.

    I have no idea what to do, this is super annoying, we can't diagnosis our own vehicles, can't connect a scanner, can't do squat, just wait weeks for a service appointment.

    For my 2014 S 85, had the Tech come by to program a key, but the MCU screen is down, totalled, no longer operational. So that was a major fail, can not use the vehicle with the app. And a key can not be programmed. THANKS ELON.

    When the Tech was over I asked if he can diagnosis the other car, he said he's not allowed, because of the auditing process at back office. So I have to wait to tow the car to the service centre, and let them tell me what I already think is wrong with my car.

    Now the problem became as follows, Non Functional MCU car, Tech said battery low, I put my heavy duty charger on and murdered the battery. I then took the good battery and moved to this car, and bad battery (as a result of 200A going in - thanks to Tesla Tech) was moved to functioning car. The dead battery probably killed the DC DC converter, now I have two broken Tesla's and no service appointments until 2 weeks.

    I'm having better success sending my MCU screen to a 3rd party for repair. Good luck waiting for Tesla to answer your calls, or book an appointment.

    Cars are great, some of us want the right to repair, so we can get back on the road (faster).
  • There is a lot you can do still. Get a CAN bus reader. Get copies of the SB's, esp the HVIL diagnosis TN. Buy a 4A charger to keep the 12V alive while you wait for service. At least, get a plug in voltage meter for the 12v socket.

    My guess is the contactors in the HV pack have gone out. YT vids on this.
  • Same issues here... overwhelmed service center, paid for new MCU to be installed, driving without computer 2 weeks now. If not fixed, probably no loaner Tesla to borrow or rental courtesy. How/Why is Tesla stock skyrocketing?!
  • Because.

    I drove cross country in 2017. Hamstrung with black screen.

    Come up with something better,.

  • I like Tesla motors service.I have never get poor service it is very fast than and battery saver active others brand.
  • Had a leaking radiator from a small rock sliver (splinter sized) on my 2019 S. Took 2 weeks to get an appointment and then they had the car for 6 days for diagnostics and repair. Cost me over $700 for the repair and I was without use of the car for 3 weeks. Poor design of the radiator placement / protection and poor service to repair. Perhaps an additional screen to prevent impacts could be incorporated.
  • Thankfully this new board doesn't kick me off every few hours requiring me to constantly sign in.
  • tesla received new door open fob, sept 14th do not work, how do i return.fob ken smith [email protected]> @DRFLGD said:
    > Thankfully this new board doesn't kick me off every few hours requiring me to constantly sign in.
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