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  • found my 2017 model X at the tesla dealer in carsbad southern ca. flew down there . arrived at the appointed time to be told that there was a problem with the sensors and that they could not repair it in a timely manner but suggested that once i returned to northern california i could make an appointment with my nearest dealer which is 60 miles away . took a few weeks to get the appointment and they kept the vehicle for at least three weeks before returning it to me just as the covid appeared . since then i have had little opportunity to add much milage .
    love my tesla BUT here is a list of a few things that still do not function !

    although selected Blind Spot Collision Warning Chime has never chimed . also crossing single or double yellow lines has never resulted in any warning or correction.

    although charging is set for daily ( usually displays charging complete at around 200 miles) every now and then it shows between 240 - 250 miles , those miles disappear very quickly ?

    driver profile will not save steering wheel position for second driver /key fob. also even though my wife with the second fob gets back after driving and finds it reverts to my profile ? although speed limit offset is selected it will only warn when i am driving but not on when my wife drives with her key fob.

    is there still a sensor problem or is there a brain dis-function ? any suggestions would be appreciated .

  • I'm sure some you fellow Model X owners have noticed a ticking noise when you are use your brakes at slow speed. its generally coming from front near the dash area.
    Has anyone done anything about it?
  • thanks
  • it's a link to the youtube
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  • and this is a link to the youtube toooo

  • lol, and how can I insert the link????
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  • Design defect - when the driver or passenger side windows are down and the door closes, the glass rattles. One trip to the Tesla garage and two visits by Tesla mobile observed the rattle and could offer no fix. Not what I would expect in a premium SUV !
  • Design defect - when the driver or passenger side windows are down and the door closes, the glass rattles. One trip to the Tesla garage and two visits by Tesla mobile observed the rattle and could offer no fix. Not what I would expect in a premium SUV !
  • It comes with several perks and benefits for the employees and easy access to all the information and services.
  • A warning has appeared on dash, “battery must be changed soon or vehicle may cease to operate”. How much time do I have to change the battery? My mobile repair appointment has been delayed 2x due to battery back order status. I want to return to Florida to escape the dark and dreary Seattle winter.
  • @shkamnetz_98232548 - I had to replace the 12v battery on my April 2017 Model X 100D about 3 months ago. It took 15 days for a mobile technician to show up. I have heard that you should get about a 2 week warning but I have seen postings from folks who only got a few days before the battery failed.
  • Hello, I took delivery of my Model X December 18 2020, a wonderful SUV. December 29 2020 It had an update that lead to losing the effectiveness of regen braking. now we need to use the brakes all the time. This was a great feature in traffic. I am very disappointed. I wish to get the regen braking feature back. I read several reviews, and everyone feel the same as me. Please reinstate that feature as soon as possible. Nobody understand why Tesla took it away. A lot of new electric competitors arise on the market, and I believe keeping your customers happy about their Tesla, will help for next car purchases.

    Thank you for coming back on your decision.
  • Software update 2020.48.26 is causing reboot after removing my charge cable.
    Since the reboot the night before last my main screen goes blank and re-boots when I sit in the car after disconnecting the charge cable. It has also rebooted both the dash screen and the main screen seemingly at random 3 times. If I do not plug in when parked the reboot does not happen. Of course I have forced the 4 button with brake reboot the first day after the random but it is still happening after removing the charge cable whether charging is complete or not. Any ideas?? All the other changes of screwing with you by moving information around on the dash screen and reducing font sizes I guess I can live with....Geez, just when you think you know where everything is, shazam!, you don't!
  • I strongly hope somebody at Tesla reads those posting.
  • Tesla is a great manufacturer and as far as I experienced, they provide great local service. I wonder why they launch updates that ends up with issues. Was it properly tested? Did they read reviews for comments before taking away features? I did not see any reply nor comments from Tesla responsible in this blog.
  • 12V battery shortage!?! I got the warning that the 12Vneeded replacement last week, so I scheduled the appointment, drove the hour and a half to the dealership.....and no battery! you'd think they'd cancel the appointment if they couldn't fix it. Next available appointment is next week at home. So I took off work, cancelled/rescheduled25 appointments at my place of work.....the afternoon before this appointment-CANCELLED and rescheduled the following week. Was on the phone with a rep for over an hour while she triedto find me a place in Michigan and Ohio to no avail! What the heck am I supposed to do?
  • I agree that suddenly the font on the dash is way too small! I am 55 and don’t need glasses to drive but now I do! Completely unsafe!!! Please provide a way for the driver to change the font.
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