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  • found my 2017 model X at the tesla dealer in carsbad southern ca. flew down there . arrived at the appointed time to be told that there was a problem with the sensors and that they could not repair it in a timely manner but suggested that once i returned to northern california i could make an appointment with my nearest dealer which is 60 miles away . took a few weeks to get the appointment and they kept the vehicle for at least three weeks before returning it to me just as the covid appeared . since then i have had little opportunity to add much milage .
    love my tesla BUT here is a list of a few things that still do not function !

    although selected Blind Spot Collision Warning Chime has never chimed . also crossing single or double yellow lines has never resulted in any warning or correction.

    although charging is set for daily ( usually displays charging complete at around 200 miles) every now and then it shows between 240 - 250 miles , those miles disappear very quickly ?

    driver profile will not save steering wheel position for second driver /key fob. also even though my wife with the second fob gets back after driving and finds it reverts to my profile ? although speed limit offset is selected it will only warn when i am driving but not on when my wife drives with her key fob.

    is there still a sensor problem or is there a brain dis-function ? any suggestions would be appreciated .

  • I'm sure some you fellow Model X owners have noticed a ticking noise when you are use your brakes at slow speed. its generally coming from front near the dash area.
    Has anyone done anything about it?
  • thanks
  • it's a link to the youtube
    2) <a href=""></a>
  • and this is a link to the youtube toooo

  • lol, and how can I insert the link????
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