Model X


I apologize for charging in Eugene Oregon overnight during the Thanksgiving holiday. When I returned to my car on Sunday morning there was a handwritten note from another Tesla owner pointing out that there had been a line at the supercharger and that my model S was contributing to the delay. That was my fourth visit to the Eugene Oregon supercharger and there has never been another Tesla present when I arrived or departed. The one time I did not ask for a room on the side and end of the hotel facing the supercharger there was a line as the note said at 1:30 am and 5:30 am. I would not have been awake at either time but I might have awakened to the lights. All excuses aside. I owe those inconvenieced an apology. Next time I will move the car before retiring for the night.


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    I got into a habit of leaving my cell phone number on my dashboard at both regular J1772 AND Superchargers when I am not in the car.
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