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Camco 30' (50amp) Extension Cord for Mobile Charger

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Anyone seen this item? From what I can tell, looks like it is well made with substantial insulation, and would work well with the mobile charger? Any thoughts?

"Camco 55195 50 AMP 30' Extension Cord with PowerGrip Handle" - available at various retailers online, including the big rain forest.


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    I have one and used it to reach my friend's clothes dryer outlet on a trip. It's pretty heavy but that's what it takes. I made a couple of adaptors using the Camco connector for both new and old style dryer outlets.
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    I use the 15 foot version with my UMC all the time. There's another owner in my neighborhood with a 30 footer plugged in to their outdoor 14-50.
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    Thanks! And thanks for sharing your experience with this product, bebo and richard.
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    Many people order it from Amazon. They do have choice there of 15, 30, or 50 foot, and it seems like an excellent cable.
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    Nice review from Tesla owner on the Camco 50' version:
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    I use the 15 footer with the normal UMC from our S 85 @ maximum 40 amps and noted that the same identical item (in fact several of them) is being used by our TESLA service center. The only problem with extension cords is then you use one that's to long or to high resistance due to light weight wires. I tired a light weight 25 feet with a 120 volt outlet and didn't get hardly any amperage and the extension cord was definitely heating up.
    The Camco product is a good one, just watch your amperage and feel the cord heat when in use.
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    I have the Camco 30-foot 50A NEMA 14-50 extension cord and it really helped out with destination charging in the SF Bay Area over Thanksgiving holiday. In addition to this extension cord, I recommend the <a href="">Universal adapter from</a>. This will allow you to use the 50A Camco extension cord with a NEMA 14-anything plug from a dryer outlet to an RV plug. EVSEadapters simply removes the neutral prong which allows the adapter to be used with a variety of NEMA outlets. The important thing to remember when using this combo is that the Model S thinks it's plugged into a 14-50 and will default to 40A. If you are plugged into anything less than a 50A breaker - for instance a 30A dryer plug - you need to manually dial down the current on your Model S before plugging in or you could trip a breaker.

    I took this combination to California with me on my recent road trip and completely forgot to address this cable/adapter combo in the thread I posted about my trip. I ended up using it and it helped me get the range I needed to last the week. My only other option was a 110v outlet.
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    I've had one for over year works great. I think I got it on
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