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Parking in Manhattan?

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Just bought my P85 and split my time between Saratoga Springs and Manhattan where I have a small apartment in the theater district

Any suggestions for either luxury parking that is self park for a few days at a time. And any garages with chargers to recommend


Elliott Masie


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    I am sure there are others but I park at Edison Parkfast on Centre Street, just north of Canal. They have a charger, and are pleasant to deal with. Might call Parkfast for others, they are all over Manhattan.
  • my garage is self park, and there is a NEMA outlet next to my parking spot.
    there is a meter which records my use and they charge me based on that
    there was a tesla there before so I did not have to pay to get it set up.
    Maybe if you decided to pay monthly at the garage you could put in a meter for your spot.
    Its in my building midtown west. I think there is a waiting list for a parking spot, but if you put your name on it, a spot should open up at some point.
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    Park at the Hippodrome Garage on W44th st. Just east of 6th Ave. parking after 5:30pm is $14 and the charging is FREE, FREE. CHanging station is in the basement and in the 3rd floor. They valets are great and I give them $5 tip.
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    Thanks Paul ---- I will check it out. Location is great - as we have a second apartment on 8th and 48th.

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    Just a word of caution...I drive info NYC once or twice a month, and even though there are probably 100 parking garages with chargers, I often have problems, usually with chargers not working or garages not being where their address says they will be.

    I suggest that until you have sorted out a "regular" garage, you call ahead and confirm if the charger is working, and also exactly where the entrance to the garage is (often the address listed on ChargePoint is the mailing address, and often does not correspond to the actual entry point to the garage (trust me, I have circled enough blocks looking for ChargePoint locations that were on different streets!)

    The tricky part is how to call ahead...The phone number listed (when listed at all) is usually for ChargePoint, NOT the actual parking garage...So, what you have to do is Google "parking" and the address that ChargePoint lists for the garage you are looking for, and that should lead you to their phone number. And then once you reach them, you have to cross your fingers and hope the person who answers the phone a) Speaks English, and b) Knows about the charging station, and if it's working.

    Another thing to keep in mind...I'm seeing more and more Teslas parking in NYC, which means chargers can sometimes be occupied. Have a back-up spot in mind! And, allow yourself plenty of time to park of you have to be somewhere...Parking garages often ICE their own EV spot, and sometimes the spot itself is buried 5 cars deep. It's a crapshoot, literally every time I go in and have to park, it's a different story.

    One happier note...Should you (or any other Model S owners) need to stay in a hotel in NYC, the Roger Smith Hotel (on the NE corner of Lexington, at East 47th street) has a NEMA 14-50 plug right out on the street in front of the hotel...It's on an unassuming metal bollard right in front of the hotel, which they have reserved for a few valet parked cars. I think the owner has a Model S, there is always one parked there, and they make it available for other Model S owners as well, free of charge. If that's not a reason to drive your Model S into NYC for a visit, I don't know what is :)
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