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I'm getting my S85 on the 24th, and a couple of days later I'll be stretching it's legs by going to Reims

I've been playing around with EVTripPlanner and because there's no superchargers in the Reims route ( on around St Quentin would be ideal), this seems like the quickest way to do this journey:

Go as fast as legally possible ( should be clear roads that early in the morning on the 26th) and stop at Maidstone for a 80% recharge ( since from 80% to 100% it will take quite a while). Any idea how long that charge will take? EVTripPlanner says I should have used 30 kWh by the time I got there. So I'm guessing 20/30 minutes?

Pot along for the next 30 miles to the Tunnel (11.4 kWh)

Now I have two choices, both of them require driving slowly

a) I go straight to the Ikea charger ( 22kw type) in Reims at at 90kph/55mph. Distance is 170 miles, 3h, 56.2 kWh and do an 1h30m charge ( for 150 miles), that would be enough for the days in Reim and to get to the Senlis Supercharger heading home.

b) Drive to the Senslis Supercharger at 60mph/100kph (150 miles, 2h24m, 50.1 kWh). Charge to 80% while having and have lunch (1h? ) and then drive to Reims (29.2 kWh) at normal speeds.

If I need a top up during the couple of days I'm in Reims then go to the local IKEA

Are both of these feasible? Are there any better routes?

I've looked around and all the other charging points I've found require a some kind of card... Why can't they just charge for it via a credit card??


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    Max.Range charge @ Maidstone, then to Dover (70km), take the train or ferry (no power consumed). From Calais to Reims is 270km.
    That is 340km @ 110kph (speed on most motorways in France) which leaves you without reserve. This is doable but very tight. Plus you'd need to charge in Reims.

    The Superchargers in Senlis, France or Nivelles-Sub in Belgium are quite a detour. Senlis would however make the most sense because Calais -> Reims = 240km (together with the 70km from Maidstone to Dover makes 310km which is easy).
    Senlis -> Reims = 132km which leaves you enough to drive around there, charge locally at Ikea (make sure they don't require an RFID badge too).

    Elevation-changes are not severe on this trip.

    In neither case you'd have to drive slow. I regularly do the Egerkingen SC to Metz SC trip which are 335km apart and I drive 120kph on average. They have a gazillion speed-cameras in France nowadays so you don't wanna go faster than the 110kph anyway. On some toll-roads you can do 130. I would not worry about it too much.

    If you range-charge to 400km, that means you really have those 400km at your disposal at normal highway speeds. No cramped slow driving needed. Relax, you have a Tesla ;-)

    "I've looked around and all the other charging points I've found require a some kind of card... Why can't they just charge for it via a credit card??"
    Because: France. It's not Germany or Holland where you also need RFID or a Smartphone App.
    The bitch is that you almost always need a contract with some local company.

    I use which is great. You get a contract with Plugsurfing. You get an App and an Keyfob-RFID chip (you will need both) and they are the ones that charge your creditcard. They don't have contracts with companies in France though.

    Get your contract /rfid /App thing sorted BEFORE you leave because you WILL get stranded because you WILL be unable to charge without a local contract. I'd therefore take the route that takes you along Tesla superchargers. Also make damn sure that those Ikea's actually have chargers (not all of them do) and that you do NOT need an RFID or App to activate them.

    It happened to me that i booked a hotel, asking in advance "do you have a charger" and left standing there because the Hotel had no RFID to activate the chargers that are on their own parking-lot. Reason: the chargers are not operated by the Hotel but by some local power company and you'll need a contract with them. The Hotel had nothing to do with those chargers and could not help me...
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    Thanks ElectricSteve.

    I'll go via the superchargers, that seems the most reliable way, even if I need to go an hour or so out of my way.

    I wanted to avoid a full charge in Maidstone because that takes quite a while (an hour?) and I'm catching the 9.30 train. But better safe than sorry.

    To be fair about the French charging, it's the same mess in the UK, with the myriad charging networks requiring their own cards.
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    Read this on about the Ikea @ Reims:

    Ask for complementary access card at IKEA merchandise pick-up point.

    One CHAdeMO plug 43kW (useless for a Model S at the moment because the CHAdeMO Adapters are not available yet).
    One Plug type 2 43kW (Tesla MS: Make sure you have your own Type2 charging-cable with you, as there is no information if the charger has a built-in cable or not).
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