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Anyone else glad they are not getting one of the first model x vehicles?

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I'm reservation number 14000 something- I'm actuslly debating delaying my slot another 6 months or so. I'm looking at the model s forums and there seem to be issues with the model d. Quite a few issues. It seems tesla rolled out the d a bit incomplete. What are the chances they do the same to the model x? Or after 2 years of delay you think they figured it out how to build the car with no issues?


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    You ought to delay your slot by another 12 months at least. Then you will be assured of getting one of the good ones.
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    I was looking forward to not getting one of the first ones, but with all the delays my options are being narrowed down to getting one of the first ones or not getting one at all for now. When I leased my current car for 2 years in November 2013, I expected Model X deliveries were going to start about a year later. This would mean there'd be a full year of production before mine would be built. That was later whittled down to 6 months when they delayed until Q2 2015, but I still thought my reservation would be called a couple months before I was ready to allow for a small buffer.

    With the most recent delays it looks like I'll need to take the first available delivery date and even then I may need to extend my lease or make temporary arrangements. It may be a bit premature to be thinking about those things, but more time passes without concrete information, the greater the likelihood becomes and the more I consider potential alternatives.
  • I think alot of the delays/updates/over-air improvements etc...happening for the D are laying the groundwork for a smooth Model X roll-out.

    I think Musk/Tesla know that there is alot riding on the X...because after that platform/model is out...its basically an infrastructure and refinement ramp until Model 3...which would we about a 2 year gap between major releases.

    The X is going to be the..."its not a fluke and this tech is ready for prime time car" its going to be very important for Tesla and the future of EVs...setting the stage for a successful 3 down the road.

    So, given the magnitude of import, I say, take all the time you need...but get it right. And Elon has said that's the approach he'd like to take...forgo short-term gain/accolades for the long-term goal....people can complain and nitpick all the want (and they will, regardless of how good a design is)...but if they get the X will cut through all the static.

    The thing of primary importance is that they execute; deliver a game changes E-SUV. Prove Tesla is a company that CAN. And credence follows.
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    Things to consider
    1. The D platform, on which the X is based is the same.
    2. All the mechanical portions are the same as the "S"
    3. The moving parts are minimal
    4. The electronics are being/will be tested in the S
    5. The initial seats will be better--Potentially upgraded as D
    6. Paint and body components are tested.
    7. The Falcon wing door are new technology--Only negative I can think of.
    8. May have LTE (ATT is moving off 3G).

    Basically, I think one has to weigh the pluses and exposures and make a decision.

    There are a lot of timing decision that affect each individuals. For me the delay only means that my paid for SUV will be a little older. So not all bad. Glad to see TESLA taking a little extra time for what ever "new" components will be.
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    I understand that a lot of the x tech is based on current model s and model d platforms but it also seems that with each release of the cars- there have been significant issues with early models. History tends to repeat itself.

    Will see how the next few months shake out and will decide on how to proceed.
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    I would be inclined to think that any issues other than x specific hardware are being resolved with the d. So you should be comfortable getting any of the x models coming out this year.
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    I hope so David but at this point, it seems that waiting 6 months or so allows them to work out the initial gremlins that have plagued each release.
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    Except for the obvious issues that will attend the introduction of falcon wing doors, the MX should be the most glitch-free Tesla in history when it first rolls off the assembly line in 6 months or so. Virtually the entire mechanical, electrical, electronic and software guts of the car will be field proven. New body with goofy doors is all that is new really. I'd be delighted to take the first non-signature, non-performance model off the line. Anybody want to trade for reservation 9378?
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    I have Sig reservation 631. I own a Model S, VIN ......3082. My car, although not a sig. was a very early production model AND was delivered around the year end rush of 2012. That was back in the day when Tesla was trying to make a qtr/ye number. My car HAD (please note past tense) a number of issue both large and small.

    I would gladly move up to X Sig 1 if I could. Here is why.

    Although my car had a number of issues ALL, and then some, where fixed professionally, cheerfully and completely by a service department that cares about you and your car. To get a car that did not have at least some of these issues I had I would have had to wait another year. For me that would have been a bad trade off.

    I expect early productions Xes to have some issues. I will gladly accept that becasue of the unparallelled service, the quality of the ride, zero emissions and safety. (I really don't want my wife and children in a car that is not as safe as it can be.)

    Everyone has their own tolerance for new car issues. My S has never left me stranded. The issues I had were all scheduled and almost all were done at my home or work with very little disruption to my schedule.

    Wait if you want/need to. For me it would be a bad trade.
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    it seems socalsam has his mind made up.... that is fine.
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    I am glad that I hold a relatively early number. It is late enough for me to be one of the first, yet any minor kinks that may show up before I get mine will already have been addressed. This is the exciting part of the wait, because we will soon be seeing a lot more information. I do not mind waiting a little bit longer, and the only thing that will maybe be worth an upgrade is #1, which I am sure the Adelmans will not be trading! What I did manage is to get a Model X plate. There can only be one (in every state).
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    See, now i have car 3446, delivered jan 26, 2013 and have had few, minor only, problems, all fixed quickly and free. What, me worry?
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    How do you find out your signature reservation number? I don't see anywhere on my order where it lists which number I am
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    Oops please disregard my post...when I first ordered the X it wasn't there...must have taken a few days to update. I'm number 783 in Signature.
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    I'm number 911 for Signature X and can't wait. My one disappointment is that it looks like the car will probably have the traditional side mirrors instead of the early prototype cameras. I haven't heard anything that this will get approved soon, but I imagine it could get approved shortly after production starts but too late for Sig X holders and early production holders. Either way I'm excited for the X to arrive!
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    Unless they will have a large number of Betas to drive over a few thousand miles each, we should expect the first couple of thousands of MX's to have a slew of probably minor problems, but I trust Tesla will make great efforts to resolve them quickly.

    As to the mirrors, if Tesla has already placed the cameras as fender or front door insets or low profile nipples or aerodynamic risers (like in VW's XL1), the mirrors can probably be easily removed. In fact, Tesla could mount them as easy to dismount items.

    Here is a link for the XL1 gallery I've visited (photo #21 shows the side-view camera):
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    Thanks for posting the link for VW's XL1. I had not seen that before. Photo # 32 shows the monitor on the driver side door for the mirror.

    My order # is just below 14,000 (my RN is a little below 468000). I am willing to move up. That way when my wife steals my S85D I won't have to drive her Acadia.
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    Its easy to focus on the design factors when thinking of problems, but when transitioning from a handful of prototypes to full scale production, things change. Each supplier will be ramping up volume, making changes to accomplish that. The seats may be on a new line at the supplier from the old seats. The process is more important than the design drawings, and getting this all correct seems to only be done via volume. You see problems in the 1000th unit that you never saw in the first 999. Then new suppliers come on line to increase the volume. Suppliers go out of business. Then there is the price pressure.

    Its quite an interesting process that I experienced in 40 years of Advanced Development, Development, Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering and Concurrent Engineering.

    When you think about it, I think Tesla only had issues with the seats/air bags we are led to believe. They had no way of knowing the EPA 5 day cycle was going to be implemented. They should have had the "sleep" mode software ready for launch. The product planning to decide which models get the D, Exec Seats, New Gen Seats, and keeping the line going once the supplier problem with the original seats could have been handled better.

    Sin Gas
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    @Sin Gas: Now you're freaking me out. I thought JIT manufacturing had been perfected by now with parts and modules dribbling off the supplier conveyor belts into Tesla boxes as needed. I thought project management software had been perfected to identify all critical path elements to be addressed in a timely way. I thought Santa Claus would bring me a shiny new Tesla. I have to find another way to kill time...
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    Now your are just being silly george. Sant Claus, ok, but project management software perfected? By whom? The Easter Bunny?
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    Santa Claus even
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    Yes, deliberately silly to drive home how fantasmigorical perfect critical path and bulletproof FIT really are. Man plans, God laughs.
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    err: phantasmagorical
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    Wow. Can't believe Brian H. missed it. Your are? Should that be a You're? ;-)
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