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Will the Model X be available without the 3rd row of seats? It is just my wife and I so a 3rd row would be useless and a waste of money. I'd like to order a Model X in the future if I can get it without the 3rd row of seats. That would make it, with the Falcon Doors, perfect for transporting bikes; easy in, easy out. Unfortunately, if it only comes with in the 3 row configuration, I'll have to consider something else. (and I don't want to!)
Thank you!


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    I believe there was a statement at some point that the 3rd row seats would be an option/upgrade.

    (Some complained about having to "pay extra" for the seats...which seems really silly.)

    I think there may have also been a statement that the 3rd row seats would be fold-downable as well. If this ends up anything like the 3rd row seats in modern minivans, it will be very functional. In minivans (ie: Honda Odyssey), there is a deep well behind the 3rd row; when the seats fold into that well, it makes the whole area behind the 2nd row basically flat.

    If I remember correctly from the initial reveal (in 2012?) the Model X had a similar deep well behind the 3rd row.
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    @EQC, you are correct. The update email to reservations holders confirmed the Falcon Wing Doors also stated that the 3rd row seats would be an available "option".

    Like you, that works for me since I would never use them. I have 3rd rows in my Audi Q7 that have been raised to their upright position only 3 time in 7 years -- and then only for a very short trip to a restaurant to avoid taking two cars.

    I am sure others have differing needs, so IMHO it's great they are an option.
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    Thanks everyone.
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    What I want is a second row experience that is more spacious. That can be achieved by being able to move the second row way back to the third row or to have a third row with removable second row seats. This latter option enables a really great open feeling to the back area of the crossover that can be used for storage or just legroom and comfort. I hope that Tesla can come up with options which enable the main functions of Crossover:

    1) higher bigger feeling with more room for all passengers
    2) ability to provide more space for transporting lots of cargo in different ways, flat or just to load easily.
    3) ability to possibly handle up to 7 passengers
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    Second row seat backs will fold forward to become hassocks for the third row seats.
    How do I know this? Don't ask.
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    <b>john_mathon:</b> The television show <i>'EXTANT'</i> showed the Model X using only the third row. It also showed a driver's seat that swiveled to face the rear <i>(during autonomous driving)</i>.

    Customers already queried Elon Musk about the option of having a removable second row. He said it would make for a rather expensive van, but he would look into it.

    Photos of the Model X prototype interior already show that at least the outboard seats of the second row slide forward and backward. The center seat likely does the same as well.

    It has already been confirmed that the Model X can be purchased without the third row. It is optional now.
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