Has Tesla included in it's design of vehicles any protection against an EMP Pulse?

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An EMP (Electro-magnetic pulse) has the potential to throw any recipient country back to the stone age. Now, to be fair, EVERY ICE CAR that I know of would be totally incapacitated if this were to occur-it would be dramatic. However, I am curious, because of Tesla's immensely superior design, whether Tesla Engineers have thought of a way (wrap electronic in Faraday Shielding?) that a Tesla Vehicle could remain functioning...?


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    Tell your mommie, you need her to order tin foil, and a new set of science fiction books.

    If there is a emp, I suggest you might not see many more days.

    But, being in mommies basement might save you for a few weeks.

    Duck and cover. A phrase I learned in grade school .
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    There wont be any electricity after an emp attack.... everything fried.... so why bother
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    Nope. None whatsoever. In fact, it uses tires made of ferric materials instead of rubber compounds to make sure occupants are fried in a lightning storm.
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    Interesting question. From an engineering stand point, it might be easier to build a faraday cage around an electric car's motor and battery to protect the drivetrain than to do the same for an ICE's electronic parts. Using magnetic coupling to transfer the energy generated from the motor to the wheels would make it relatively impervious... but I'm sure it can't be THAT easy!
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    Plus, after the cars are built, and roll off the assembly line, a powerful alchemist magically transforms all the aluminum to copper to complete the path to ground.
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    I don't think shielding your car is really the main concern in the event of a massive country-wide EMP. Duck and cover maybe.
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    Just the radio antennas for FM, cellular, Wi-fi and XM satellite present an easy path for EMP to enter the car body and take down every computer and radio.

    If you are worried bout EMP, keep a 1960's muscle car in your garage because everything except for the radio will still work . Anything with a computer (circa early 1970s) is not going anywhere after a major EMP hit.
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    I keep bicycles in the garage besides my P85 and folding bikes in the car just in case. ;-D
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    "<i>I keep bicycles in the garage besides my P85 <b>and folding bikes in the car just in case</b>. ;-D</i>"

    Oh ye of little faith....
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    Faraday cages work. Watch any of the Tesla Coil concerts to see people in mesh boxes or chain mail taking direct hits without harm.
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    one of the funniest threads in the Tesla Forum :P

    *grabs tinfoil hat* ahem... you can't never be secure enough
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    60 years ago my instructors said, "Don't say 'AC current" or 'DC current"
    because you are saying 'Alternating Current current' and such.
    Avoiding this redundancy has followed my all my life. ATM machine, VIN number, GOP party and on.
    "EMP pulse" means what? Electromotive Pulse pulse.
    If you misuse the term, some people will not be impressed with your argument.
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    If it has an FCC APPROVED label on it that means it is susceptible to EMP.
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    Heard Soon is sending out his herd of Unicorns that were not eaten by the Squatch to distribute 5 gallon barrels of water and MRE to survive.

    Also, each Tesla if instructed
    by new owner has a roll of tin foil in frunk .
  • Isn't the vehicle it self a Faraday cage? Just asking ^^
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    A typical question that has not been thought through.

    Event 1. car is charged 100%
    Event 2. a massive EMP occurs (damn North Koreans). Everything in the entire region is fried... ...but the car still works because of "Tesla's immensely superior design, ")
    Event 3. car owner drives 265 miles, battery is depleted.
    Event 4. car owner seeks a charging device and finds one. Opens charge port and plugs in cable.
    Event 5. car owner discovers what such a massive EMP actually does...

    I mean really dude?
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    People really do worry about the wrong things don't they?

    Forget that no automobile will work ICE or BEV. All the batteries will be shorted to be of no use. Any electronics unless strictly shielded against an EMP will not work afterwards.

    And sooooo many worry about the things they have no control over either...
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    "All the batteries will be shorted to be of no use."

    No no, you are forgetting "Tesla's immensely superior design, "

    The only vehicles that will survive and keep working are Tesla's. !!

    Pay attention next time Soldier !
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    Max power to shields, Scotty!
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    Diesels will run. There is no need for electrical components to run the engine if you just manage to start one.
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    I can't go to the store and buy food, I no-longer have a job as all he computers are down. Still at least my Telsa works.

    Pure WMD EMPs are just sci-fi anyway. If there an EMP Pulse big enough to take down the grid it will be accompanied shockwave and a fireball that will destroy everything for several miles.

    That's unless you are a specific target and they want to use an Non nuclear EMP on you. Much lower power and needs to be targeted at something.

    If you are a prepper considering a Telsa - a better bet would be a bicycle with a trailer. 1 for each family member.
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    If my car goes down due to an area specific/directed EMP, I'm calling the Pentagon and reporting an active terrorist cell.
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    EMP = Electro-Magnetic Pulse.

    And I don't care which technology automotive makers use (BEV or ICE), even diesels won't run if you don't have a battery to start the thing.

    Even Tesla's batteries aren't shielded against an EMP. It would take 1/2" of lead shielding around 100% of the battery unit to keep them from getting shorted.

    When the US set off the hydrogen bomb @ Bikini atoll in the 50's everything electric stopped working, cars included, for 100's of miles diameter unless it was specifically shielded against the EMP.
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    @[email protected] while I agree with you for the most part, you wouldn't say EMP pulse cause it means EM pulse pulse, for AC DC, you have to distinguish it from voltage vs current (Vdc, Vac, Idc, Iac).
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    Wow, lots of sarcasm and jokes. It is a good question. USAF War College teaches that the #1 threat to the USA is no longer Biochemical (never was atomic), but now EMP Pulse.

    My question was sincere. Go_Peddle_4_me (@Larry ) Thank you for an excellent succint answer. That was what I was looking for. Look, an EMP Pulse is certainly not something anyone "wants" to think about, and it would certainly be a "change of life", but the question was made because of the uniqueness of the Tesla. I'm not paranoid, but I was curious. Thank you everyone.
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