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@TeslaRoadTrip 2015 – “Reach the Beach” April 17-19, 2015 - Salisbury, MD


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    +1 Jim

    Just registered....
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    Registration for @TeslaRoadTrip 2015 - Reach the Beach is now open!

    The planning group has been busy putting together a weekend that you won't want to miss. It would be a huge help if you could register early. You also want to reserve your hotel room at the Hampton Inn which is very close to the Salisbury Superchargers ASAP! There are a limited number of rooms. Also you want to grab your favorite rally number before someone else does. :-)

    Info and registration is at http://teslaroadtrip.org
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    Almost half of the rally numbers have been claimed after registration opened just 10 days ago. Head on over to http://teslaroadtrip.org to register and get your favorite number.
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    What number of vehicles are you anticipating? Have yet to take a long road trip and am unsure on distances attainable with my S P+ with 21 inch snow tires. One way is about 150 miles from here to Salisbury. Any experience or feedback would be apreciated.
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    Redmiata98: Recommend you take your question to the TMC thread on this topic. In case you aren't on TMC, I just took a trip to Florida and back with 21" Summer Continentals (not the + rear tires, tho). Averaged about 335 kw/m at 70 mph due to the cold temps. As temps rise even just a few degrees, your battery usage drops. The new range calculation features on the latest Tesla software update make it a breeze and takes all the worry out if you are going from supercharger to supercharger.
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    JT Thanks for the suggestion, I volkered and spent the last 90 minutes reading the nreads, I'm relatively sure that I can make the 150 miles to Salisbury and will take the chance and sign up. See ya there (hopefully).
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    Hi RedMiata - Thanks for registering for @TeslaRoadTrip 2015. I made the trip to Salisbury in my 60kWh MS, just over 120 miles from home, on Super Bowl weekend when the the temps did not get above freezing. The weather will be much better in April so you should little or no concern about making the 150 mile trip. In fact, the trip from DC is can be made with some planning in a 40kWh MS which is what one of the event organizers did back in January. Looking forward to seeing you Reach the Beach next month!
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    Update: this now includes taking your car onto the boardwalk!
    The organizers have worked really hard to make this happen and it will be an amazing photo op and a great way to show passers by how quiet and fume-free EVs are.
    Hope to see a ton of you there :)
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