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Model X release schedule at the very least



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    There is a very big incentive for Tesla to reach a 300 mile range (EV Tax Credits). I suspect that eventually Tesla will be able to produce all their vehicles with a 300+ mile range.

    Right now, I know there is a lot of things going against the Model-X with respect to range (e.g. more weight, bigger frontal area, etc.) but I think a big part of the Model-X delay has to do with increasing the range.

    For example, rumour has it that the new Model-X batteries will be significantly less weight than the Model-S (for same kWh) and I'm hoping that side-view cameras will improve aerodynamics to the point where the Model-X may have a very similar range as the Model-S.

    Then there is a part of me that hopes that Tesla will somehow manage to surpass the current Model-S range (e.g. close to 300 miles), but I put the odds of that accomplishment being less than 50%.
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    Lighter batteries with the same pack capacity in the form of a lighter battery pack make almost no difference. Batteries with more capacity per unit weight in the form of a pack that weighs the same but has a greater KWh capacity.make a big difference.
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    Per the recent Q4 2014 Earnings Report, this is due to arrive in six months. That would be August 2015. Personally, I hope it will be July. That will make it more likely that 12,000-to-16,000 units are delivered, with close to 16,000-to-20,000 built.
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