Lotus and Tesla Fan(atic) wants to combine the two passions.

Hello Tesla Nation:
I am both a Lotus and Tesla fan(atic).
I have owned an Elise, Exige, Esprit Turbo and now an Evora.
My Evora - picture found at the link below - has 900 miles on it, every factory options and is truly like new. It's also beautiful - carbon gray with black leather interior with red piping. I love the car. Best lotus I have owned.

That said, I miss my Elise. And I love the Tesla. ((Driven a few of them. (Model S mostly.))

Combining the Elise and the Tesla into the roadster would be a big win.

I can send considerably more information about my car, such as the window sticker with all options, certificate of provenance from lotus indicating it was one of the last vehicles off the line that year in which they made 395 worldwide.
I have it all digitized.
3 year factory warranty runs through August 2017.
One owner, titled with me.

If there there is interest in my car, And a trade, let me know. 917-664-5651.

I can send pictures. This thread is blocking links.
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