Has anyone driven from North to South in Europe in a Model S?

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My family and I are thinking about driving from Norway to the south of France in our Model S this summer. We'd take the ferry over to the north of Denmark and drive from there. I've checked the map of superchargers over Europe, and everything looks good through Denmark and Germany but after that the distances are starting to look a bit large between charges (Switzerland, next one near Milan, next one west of Nice). Has anyone tried this? Is it possible?



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    Hi Simon, that sounds like a good trip. I haven't done, but the chargers on the south seem quite close, if you're going down through Germany and Switzerland and then go straight to France.

    Do you know this website? . You can more easily see how far each SC is.

    Going through Italy does look sparse. Add a few mountain passes, and it could be tight.
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    Hi, appreciate the feedback! Yeah, I wanted to go through Italy because we're going to St. Maxime which is just 45 min west of Nice, quite close to Italy, so going through France is a bit of a detour. But it beats getting stranded, so I guess that's probably the best bet. And thanks for the tip about the site, no I hadn't heard of it.
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    We go from luxembourg to Nice. Quite a few superchargers on the way passing through France. And you do not have to climb over the Alps.
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