Gigafactory products only for Tesla? Carbon body in future?

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In 2015 Detroit autoshow Samsung SDI displayed battery pack/solution, quite neat. I am wondering if Tesla Gigafactory will provide battery pack for any other OEM or aftermarket.

Another thing is about the body. Tesla goes with aluminum, BMW CFRP. Probably Tesla will stick with aluminum body.


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    Google MicroMills. Big doin's.
  • I think the big issue with chassis materials is going to be recycling of them. Cars have been very much recycled for decades and are designed with that as a consideration (why do you think the Steel Industry took such a dive after the 1950s?). It will be interesting to see if Tesla sticks with Aluminum for the mainstream, high-volume, Model III. It will also be interesting to see how CFRP works out with the BMW.
    Hopefully, these lightweight materials end up being improvements or at least as good as the traditional steel in recyclability.
  • Tesla would likely be more than willing to manufacture batteries for other enterprises, but demand isn't going to be a problem for a while (he understated); hence some interestingly advantageous wrinkles re: "first movers."

    Or so I surmise.

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    hi Brian, thank you a lot for the info. It is really a good move for aluminum body manufacturing. I think aging problem ( for 6000 alloy) is solved by this instant-feeding process. But this micro mill may only for structure parts( not closures or quarter panels) because the high surface finish quality probably is unable to be achieved by this mircomill.

    hi Earl and Nagin, excellent point. It is the beauty of aluminum when talking about recycling. CFRP is very expensive for mass production like what BMW i3 is doing, more expensive than aluminum body, and it is [email protected]** to recycle it.

    hi cliffmccormick, if Gigafactory can lower the price of battery and available to others, that will be nice.

    Think about this: what a car company really makes? normal car companies make body and engine, then put everything together to be a car. For electric car, no more the engine barrier, if it is easy to make body, then the threshold of entering auto industry will be much lower,more companies like Tesla will come.

    Modularization, modularization. When motor, battery, power control unit are off-shelf modules openly available, that will be very interesting.
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    The Gigafactory will only produce enough batteries for Tesla's automotive and stationary storage packs. Unless Tesla's predictions of how many of the Model 3 they can sell is WAY short will they have enough batteries to sell to other manufacturers.
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    Besides, if Tesla Motors were overestimating the market for Model ☰, none of the traditional automobile manufacturers would be looking to buy batteries anyway.
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    If we should make the transition now, we can easily build a Gigafactory in southern Alberta or BC, with some government incentives, right??
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