Norwegian Roadster owners: Type 2 Semi Hi-speed charging in Norway

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Hi all,

This post is directed to Norwegian Roadster owners.

I'm a new owner of a used Tesla Roadster 2.5 sport 2011 model, however, driving it from Moss to Stavanger I found that my cable (I guess the standard 32A one) doesn't fit the type 2 charging stations.

1. Is type 2 AC 32A charging stations compatible with Tesla Roadster?
2. If yes on 1) where can I order / find charging cables compatible?
3. How do you handle road trips on the Tesla Roadster in Norway? You normally spend the night to charge using 15A normal adaptors? Are there maps showing the available charging stations?



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    On my rare trips Trondheim/Oslo I bring the 30A charge cable/box and charge at gas stations and such that have 3-phase 240V/32A outlets. On that trip that is ~7 hours of driving and ~5 hours of charging enroute.
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    I am not a Roadster owner, nor do I live in Norway. I would love to visit, Norway looks beautiful in Bjørn's Model S Videos.

    You should be able to charge off one of the three phases in a 32 A Type 2 outlet. I think the best way is to buy a Type 2 to Type 1 cable, and the Type 1 (J1772) to Roadster adapter from hsharp on the Teska Motors Culb forum. Henry (hsharp) calls his adapter the "CanJR". Tesla also sells a Type 1 J1772 to Roadster adapter, but it is much larger and takes up valuable space. Henry's CAN apps peters are very highly regarded by Roadster owners.

    Good Luck with your Roadster travels.

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    I can't really help with Norway, but if you have access to Model S HPWCs, you can ALSO use the CAN SR that HCSharp makes (@GSP I second that opinion on HCSharp's CAN adapters.)

    My local service center is actually ordering the CAN SR to be able to charge from S HPWCs...

    Here's a post that I wrote on my blog for the CAN Adapters that we use with my wife's 1.5 Roadster -
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    Note: the CANSR adapter offers a Model S connection socket of the same sort as used on the US Model Ss, which is different from the European ones.
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    Thanks a lot for all feedback!

    As a norwegian who will use the roadster 90% of the time in Norway, and 10% in Europe, would CAN JR and CAN SR work for me for type 2 charging? Or does this only work in the US. I would love to have access to model s charge stations... However I though there was an issue with DC vs AC?

    Also, I would love to buy the rack for transporting skiis / bicycle / suitcase. Anyone who can recommend where to buy or has a used one?

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    Supercharge stations are useable only by cars wired to handle the heavy DC input. So far, that includes only the Model S.
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    Check out Tesla Roadster Owners Club at Facebook. Its a newly starte closed group initiated by Norwegians interested in/owning Roadsters.
    You will find a lot of useful info about charging from type 2 stations.
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    Thanks Velure! I joined the facebook group.
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