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This may sound a bit out there but I believe it may be possible that a retractable sunroof could be hidden in the design of the windshield! There aren't many pics of the windshield-roof transition but from what i've seen, it looks seamless - like the windshield flows as a single piece of curved glass right up to the rear falcon door lines. There is a panel (moon-roof) above the driver/front-passenger area. Since there is no firewall between the fronk and cabin, it would be theoretically possible to slide the entire windscreen down into that cavity so that the moon-roof panel is open, no? The geometry of the windshield - smooth continues curve - may make that possible, but hard no determine if it tappers at the top or is parallel top to bottom from available pics.

Just a thought ..or more like wishful thinking :)

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    Sunroofs and "moonroofs" are totally unjustified and wasteful luxuries and a source of problems and repairs that I could do without.

    I mean, as long as I presume I don't drive looking at the sky, which might not be the next driver's case.

    With Auto-Pilot though, .... who knows?
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    IF it is an option, I will forgo. I have had these on cars over the years, an never use them. My Audi Q7 has a standard full vehicle Sun roof with auto shades that I may have opened a couple of times in seven years. I hope it is not something Tesla is struggling to implement, just not for me.
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    I suspect the top of the falcon doors will be glass. I think simply due to the close distance between the windshield the falcon doors, a movable sunroof is not possible.
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