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When charging is more expensive than Gas

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I live in an Apartment 425 MASSACHUSSETS AVE NW, we have chargepoint but the rates are 0.45 cents "4x times the price per Kw/h " per Kw/h. Doing my match is as expensive as Gasoline in todays price, more in winter that the range diminished big times. How much are you paying for public charging stations fees.


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    I have paid nothing at the free public chargers in Merryfield, VA while shopping at MOMs market. I agree most public chargers are not a good value. I have used them on occasion just to make sure I can for when I may need them in emergencies.
    While I live in an apartment style condo, I was fortunate that my condo board approved my installation of a 208v outlet in my parking space, and pay super off peak EV charging rates from Dominion VA Power at 1AM, less than 1 cent per Kw/h. Taxes and fees are way more than the cost of power. About $20 per month on 2500 miles driven.
    Hope you can find a less expensive solution.
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    I would explain that to the management and try to negotiate a reasonable rate.
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    Another alternative is to supercharge for free at Bethesda. A friend of mine is in a similar situation here in Virginia, and he supercharges at Woodbridge when he needs juice.
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    Besides the Bethesda MD and Woodbridge VA superchargers, you can charge for free @ the Mandarin Oriental 1330 Maryland Ave SW 24x7 (2.5 miles from your location - these are 80A Tesla chargers) and the Tesla store on 1050 K St N.W., open til 7pm on weekdays and 6pm on the weekends (.5 miles from your address). Lastly, the Tyson Corner Mall is also a good option and open 24x7. Hope this helps.
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    @cberman , I thought Tesla doesn't allow guests to charge at that location ?
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