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When will current lease cars (Model S') start to come off lease?

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Hello folks,

When do you think this will happen? I thought that the initial leases were for 3 years. If so, when will the first cars start to come off lease.

Also, did Tesla offer any early returns for customers that were getting the newer models?

So far use inventory looks fairly thin, but I am assuming that there will be a bit of an increase as initial leases expire.


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    When I ordered mine back in March 2013 financing was a new thing; and I don't think lease was a option . I would estimate first lease vehicle was around Jan 2014, so you have a couple of years to wait.
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    s.grot - your off by about 6 months.

    Lease plans started in mid 2013!
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    Trade-ups (turned in for Ds) are still a glut, I think. Not sure about inventory levels. Not as cheap as end-of lease cars, of course.
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