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Body shop recommendation?

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I want to get a Torklift hitch installed on my Model S (for a bike rack) and not surprisingly the Rockville SC won't do it. Anyone had any body work done and happy with the place? I figure a body shop that has seen a Tesla before would be my best bet. I'm in Baltimore but am willing to travel in the region to a well regarded shop.



  • Yes, a big thumbs up to Auto Body Clinic in Rockville 301-340-3236.

    They now worked on my Tesla twice, saved me bundles over the Tesla recommended body shop and did great work.
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    I had some work done on my model S from Euro Pros Collision in Gaithersburg and would recommend them. Let me know if you need more details.

  • Auto Body Clinic (in Rockville - very close to the Rockville Service Center) has worked on my Tesla several times now to my complete satisfaction. WAY better than the place that Tesla recommends - MUCH better pricing.

  • My experience with Euro Pros was that they gave me an outrageously high estimate to fix a small dent in rear quarter and bumper and then told me that there was also a 50/50 chance that the quarter would rip when they try to fix it and then it will be about $15,000.

    Auto Body Clinic (see above) fixed it for under $2,000 and guaranteed that there was no chance of ripping the quarter.

    The difference was that Euro Pros said that it was impossible to access the quarter from the inside, so all they could do was to pull on it. Auto Body Clinic SHOWED me how using a special tool they were able to access it from the inside.
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    I never did the hitch, but someone backed into my car with their own trailer hitch and dented the hood. Took it to Criswell in Annapolis at the recommendation of Rockville SC and they did an excellent job on the Sig Red. No orange peel and perfect color match. I don't have an opinion on the price because it's the first aluminum car I've had, but the guy they brought in to replace the paint protection film took three days to get it right.
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