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Virginia State Inspection

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I've just recently registered my '13 P85+ here in central VA. I live in approximately the center of a triangle of Richmond, Charlottesville and Fredericksburg.
I need to get state inspection and am soliciting advice as to where to go since the S will likely be put on a lift.
I called my regular inspection shop and got a round 'Nooo, we don't do those.'
Any suggestions are appreciated. Many thanks!


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    Any competent Virginia inspection station can do it. First time I took mine in, I briefed the Inspector on the jack pads, the Jack Mode (I have air suspension), etc. I even took him out for a drive (let him drive!) at the end of his shift that day! if the inspection station is not equipped with a lift that they can center on the 4 jacking points, your out of luck and have to find another place.
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    Anyone know of a good inspection station in northern Virginia with which they had a good experiene? I took my new model S to a local Exxon yesterday and waited for my turn. I watched the mechanic back an SUV out of the service bay ahead of me and he turned too sharply. CRUNCH! He scraped the wheel and hubcap against the curb. I got the hell out of there. He was waving me over for my turn and I said I had to go and couldn't wait.
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    I've used Virginia Tire and Auto in Ashburn and the Shell station in Leesburg. Will the Tyco SC do inspections?
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    I use the Sunoco station located at the corner of Smoketown and Minneville road in Woodbridge (13495 Minnieville Rd, Potomac Mills, VA). They are VERY careful with cars. Used them for my 2 Jags, Lincolin and 2 Miatas as well!
    For the Tesla, they knew exactly how to drive it and were familair with it. They did not put it on the lift as the car was only 3 days old. They did put my other cars on the lift, including the all wheel drive Jaguar X with no damage. They are very good and responsive.
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    Have used an Exxon station at Rolling Road and Braddock Road twice with no issues.
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    I have used Great Falls Auto Service (719 Walker Road, Great Falls, VA 22066 703-759-9000) in the past for my ICE cars and my Tesla. No problems. They take the car to the back of the station for inspections, and the first time they did my Model S I went back there with them. No problems or issues. They have done inspections on additional Model S vehicles owned by others in Great Falls also.
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    Since inspections cost the same no matter where you go I take mine to the Mercades dealership in Fredericksburg. Great waiting area and the last one I got was free cause they thought for some reason I bought the car there... Even after I told them I didn't get it there they were just like "no big deal I already keyed it in".
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