"Pay with your gas money" - Tesla contracts; a model 3 lottery

Someone posted a thread earlier that I mistook for a "brainstorm thread" on "financing options" -- this is an idea that popped in my head with yesterday's shower, I had completely forgotten about the cool little "loan lottery/Tesla access" program-- until I saw that thread..


"Pay for your Tesla with your "gas money""

Should be an option for those who meet qualifying "income criteria" - a program to be introduced in concert with Model 3. (?)

I haven't run the numbers yet - but you could even have a sort of "lottery" system ... start in 2017 with say .. "100,000" Model 3 "Pay with your gas money" contracts.

And each year have the lottery grow commensurate with Tesla's growth. So for the 2018 Model 3 maybe there are "(120,000-150,000)" of these -

-- "Pay with your gas money" contracts. --

The interesting thing -- you could even have people "pass ownership" of the contract -- just login to your "Tesla ID/Account/Portal" and basically say -- "Yeah so, I'm upgrading to a Model S, or X or Y ..whatever .. and I'm handing over my Tesla 3 to my younger sibling." (Incentive because the Tesla contract can be maintained at the same "gas rate"/monthly payment as the original contract holder)

It would be really cool to do something like..."Well, figure 20 bucks a week so is would you -would- be paying in gas so...- 80 dollars a month." (For some predetermined number of lottery entrants) Or not -- (perhaps just keep it open to all ?) *grin*

Or perhaps an "enter your estimated monthly gas bill" -- kinda thing for online purchase/lottery entry?

A thought -




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    Obviously that 100K figure is optimistically "round" HA! -- but you get the idea.

    Start with a lottery pool of contracts and every year increase the number of contracts.
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    -and the only reason I'd consider a lottery system is because I think one of the strengths of the loan/revenue/model lies in its accessibility -- 80(?) dollars a month for a Tesla Model 3 with a qualifying down payment.

    Or do you open the floodgates?


    Gotta think more about the numbers and the virtues/liabilities of that kind of stable revenue source. HA!
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    Seems like a monster money loser for Tesla.
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    $80 a month wont even pay interest at 3% on a $40000 car. Wacky.
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    There's a reasonable understanding that "I'll save this much gas money if I go electric".

    What's not understood very well is how much the electricity will cost (not much, but it's there), how much you save on servicing, or how much more you can spend on a car without it actually costing you any more (due to the savings).

    So that's a good idea. Convert "how much do you spend on gas?" to how much more you can spend on a car by moving your weekly gas cost to repayment. (It'd need to work out likely mileage based on gas usage, and the electrical equivalent costs, and use a car loan repayment calculation to work out how much extra you can spend and "hide" in the gas money costs.)

    But like everyone else said above... it won't be anywhere near buying a whole car.

    (I've said it before on here... the most expensive part of the EV is the battery, so if we could make just that component "free" by using gas money, that'd be rather cool.).
    And savvy buyers can work it out themselves of course!
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    Good points grega!

    Thank you for your perspective and refinement!

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    Would still be a great way get people access to a car they otherwise couldn't. What word of mouth good would it do to have a few college students, a single working-mother and a nun pull up to school,work,church with a Tesla?

    A Tesla in even 100 homes, that would be seen and talked about in places it otherwise wouldnt -- could make alot of difference down the road. You want the neighbors kid saying -- "I want a Tesla" --THAT is the race to win.

    ..and "right soon" -- I wonder if it would be made "real" (getting the "wheels" of "I could buy or I'd like to buy this" -- turning -- to be crudely blunt) in the minds of the "least of us" and the average folk -- faster than perhaps a BMW?

    At worst it'd make a heck of an employee appreciation/incentive program.


    ? --

    brainstorming is fun; and so can you *grin*
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    Western perspective often over-look the "long game"
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    ---what about a "Tesla Savings Account"

    What if --

    You could open an account -- and you have a system of tiers.

    Once you fund your account/pay say 5000k - you un-lock a guaranteed monthly payment from Tesla of X. This way...a young college student that couldn't afford one today could start paying for it literally...a dollar a day at a time.

    The higher the tier (aka bigger down payment/more you pay before you "summon" your Tesla) the lower the guaranteed rate.

    --exclusively for the Model 3/entry Tesla (?)--

    Something like that could be interesting.

    You could even design a cool app that posts your progress toward your Tesla ... you can track how the down-payment effects the monthly Tesla payment -- figuring you have the option to "buy" when you hit your "money spent on gas" and


    "retire into clean, free, renewable transport."

    HA! write
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    You could end up having a student start college and open their Tesla account with the plan that by the time they get their Masters -- they also have a guaranteed really low monthly payment on a Tesla.

    Or a street artist that would like to be able to get around one day with sunlight -- and have a mobile wifi hub. (!!!)

    Even if you don't "unlock" the payment until 2019 lets say -- it's an investment and a way to support Tesla and take steps toward dreams and goals.

    An account like this would be a great gift for a sibling or a child.

    Open a Tesla account and put in 10 bucks a month-- and owning a Tesla gets easier the longer you wait before "Summoning"


    Tesla has a really blank slate to work with.


    Infrastructure and delivery from the ground up -- established manufacturers have to bear the inertia of the invested Capital -- using dated equipment -- Tesla is building on the edge with the edge adapting as they grow.


    Neat time.

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    Tesla Motors does not yet (nor will it for some time) bear the "weight of institutional inertia."


    The - "it has worked before;its what we've always done; its what we have" - liability.

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