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Tesla Model S vs Maserati Ghibli

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Hi, I was wondering if anyone was considering a Maserati Ghibli when purchasing their MS. If so, what were the advantages of the MS in your view?



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    There's a great comparison article by Top Gear, of all places:

    I looked at it briefly, it's really nothing special. They seem to cut corners that they never would on the higher model Maseratis, the performance is blah, mileage is just ok. No reason for it other than the name, imo.

    Oh yeah, also it's not electric :)
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    Also, this was written well before the new autopilot features and dual-motors came out, which only widens the gap even further.
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    Thanks for the feedback. I agree that the MS is definitely one of a kind (in a good way).
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    Never considered the Ghibli. It is horrendously cheap from the inside. Maserati took way too much from Chrysler when building the inside. The entire infotainment system, buttons, headlight switches, etc are taken straight from Chrysler rental cars...

    The engine/sound is nice though but that's about it. No way I'd spend my money on that.
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    On the flip side, there are some really cheap lease deals available on the Ghibli. Factor in gas costs and oil changes, not to mention the EV tax credits, and you probably wouldn't be getting much of a deal.

    (also important to ask why the lease deals are so cheap :)
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    I drove it and have zero interest in any other car over the Model S, been in everything and there are some nice ICE cars but cannot go back. Model S is in a totally different class and most of us know.
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    Did they also steal the rear design of the Ghibli from a Ford or Chevy? Wow.
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    Actually i did consid that up until i drove the p. Now with a p85d i would never go to another ice car.
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    Looks like the stole the tail lights from a Kia!
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    I test drove the Ghibli and the Quattroporte during my decision making process. The performance wasn't even close as compared to the MS (pre- 85D). Both cars felt really clunky and I was actually surprised how poorly they drove (and I really wanted to like the cars).

    At the time, I wasn't thrilled with the MS interior so I held off making any decision (was happy with my E550). When the P85D came out with the improved interior (my opinion) and other hoopla, I decided to go with the P85D. One month in and no regrets.

    My wife's friend has a Ghibli and raved about it initially but just last night she mentioned that she is already over it.
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    There is for some an absolute necessity to associate luxury with exclusivity. Further, they associate luxury with tradition, elegance, and refinement. Much of this luxury is borne by heritage and history as well.

    None of that matters to me in the slightest.
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    +1 Red.
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    Slow.. very loud... 4 year lease...
    My brother in law have one and my niece and nephew
    hated that car..But they loved the P85D.. lol..
    because they think its cool...
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    Just to provide a counter argument. I live in the U.K and living close to London, there are a number of significant benefits to driving and Electric car, from parking to taxation costs, as well as the enormous saving in fuel costs.
    With this in mind when considering a Maserati Ghibli- the Diesel, which is not on sale in the U.S, I also considered the new Tesla P70D.
    In terms of price the Tesla with options would cost something similar to the Maserati in high spec, so around £70,000 roughly $110,000.
    The Tesla has a level of technology even apart from the drivetrain that puts it ahead of all its competitors, particularly the driver assistance functions, when they do become available that is.
    However I still went with the Ghibli, as apart from range issues- I would imagine at UK motorway speeds a range of about 150-180 miles is realistic, making a long journeys a bit stressful and time consuming whilst you look for a working and vacant charging point; more importantly its a question I am sad to say of image and aspiration. The Tesla has no image in terms of looks, and no one is going to aspire to own one.
    A Maserati even the Diesel Ghibli is a car you would desire and aspire to own giving you an intangible feeling when spending this kind of money, not something you could say about the Tesla.
    Whilst incredibly vain, no one is going to say 'Wow, you've got a Tesla'.
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    @keith - "Whilst incredibly vain, no one is going to say 'Wow, you've got a Tesla'."

    That's the funniest thing I've heard in a while.

    I sat in my red MS which was parked in front of a red Ghibli. People were flocking to my car and asking if it were a Maserati. They were wowed by the gorgeous EV that can outrun most of the gas engine out on the road.

    They've all but ignored the Ghibli parked directly behind my MS.

    I guess different country would have different reaction to the beauty of the MS.
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    Hmm a LOT of people both old and young but especially young ones have told me "Wow you've got a Tesla". The Tesla got more compliments than the 911 turbo.
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    keith, what are these typical Motorway speeds that would only give you 150-180 miles of range? Here in the Northeast (U.S), we typically drive 75 mph. At those speeds, one could still get 210 miles of range. With the density of superchargers, that is more than enough to travel. As the density of superchargers increase in the UK, it too will be a non issue.

    Also, to me 2 words that should go together are Maserati and diesel. Why not just throw a diesel into a Ferrari while you are at it.
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    'People were flocking to my car and asking if it were a Maserati.'

    Without meaning to stir the pot, your comment that I have highlighted above, does rather demonstrate my point. How many people will say to the driver of a Maserati... Is this a Tesla?
    There is no question Elon Musk and his team got several years jump on all the traditional premium brand cars, something unheard of from a start up company with no car building experience. Albeit with a little help from Mercedes.
    However within three years the German brands and Jaguar, and who knows even Maserati, will have products offering similar drivetrains, that's when Tesla could run it to trouble.
    As I said just a counter argument to perhaps generate a little friendly debate.
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    In terms of price point, the Quattroporte S Q4 seems a closer Maserati counterpart than the Ghibli, though I'm probably thinking of pricier Tesla configurations like the P85D, which, again, are halfway up the block or track by the time the Maserati driver knows what happened. Porsche, Maserati, Aston Martin--all these cars are still nice and prestigious, but each time I look at them, I keep thinking, for that price I can have a Tesla.
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    @keith - My point being is that both cars share similar curve lines. One is a relatively new comer where the other has been in business for decades.

    The point missing is that the new kid on the block got all the attention even without the name plate recognition. The former popular kid is sitting in the back of the room waiting for someone to notice.
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    Keith, I wouldn't count on the German brands having something like the MS in 3 years. It takes that many if not more years, to develop/test a new car. If they were indeed building such a car, we would have heard about it. Even if they did, the significance of that is absolutely huge. This "new kid on the block" designs and builds it's first car (sedan) and hits it out the park so bad that the traditional car companies are following the lead. Mercedes-Benz, technically "Benz" has been making/perfecting cars since 1886 and this upstart from Silcon Valley, just passed them and ironically, not in a silent way.
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    Sorry jordanrichard I missed your post before.
    I was as you will see, am referring to the lower power model the P70D, which has a lower range from the '85' model. That couple with typical motorway driving speeds of 80-85 mph or on mainland Europe in places even higher will have a knock on effect of realistic range. Also whilst I certainly take your point regarding increasing charging points, unlike a conventional car if all the points are in use, you may have along wait on your hands. Who knows driving long distance across the U.S may rival the time taken for the original pioneers who headed west in their horse and carts!!! :)
    Turning to your point regarding diesel engines, it may comes as a surprise that the majority of premium brand cars sold in Europe, including 7 Series and S Class etc are powered by diesel engines.
    At cruising speed, whilst not silent like a Tesla, I would challenge any occupant of a diesel BMW 5 Series Jaguar XF or Maserati Ghibli to know whether its a petrol or diesel engine under the bonnet/hood.
    You might want to take a look at the link below from a UK magazine which illustrates my point.

    But above all let me just reiterate, I only make the points for friendly debate, and I trust that is the spirit in which you read them.
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    Oh, I am.

    Diesels are far more popular in Europe. Here in the U.S., Maserati is seen more of a "sports" sedan, than a luxury car like a 7 Series, S-Class, etc. So that is why I made my remark about it being counter intuitive to put a diesel in a Maserati.

    When I first got my car, before all of the nav updates, I would calculate how much range I would really get driving typical speeds with the hills and turns we have here in New England, specifically CT. I calculated a loss of 20%. So even with a 70D (there is no P70D) and it's range of 240, a 20% loss still should be enough to get to the next charger. Obviously you know the UK better than I and how far apart the chargers are.
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    Since we're talking surface impressions, mine is that the Ghibli was created for people who couldn't afford a Maserati, just so they could tap the upper middle-class market. I guess you don't follow the Norwegian press, but your impression of the Tesla contradicts that of many on the continent. You'll note Ghibli did not crack the top 12.
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