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Fairfax VA to Charlotte NC Trip

edited November -1 in Washington DC
Had a great trip last weekend to Charlotte NC. Drove from Fairfax to South Hill VA and charged there while I had a great Turkey Reuben sandwich and a cop of joe at Kahill's. Then on to Burlington NC supercharger, which is located as far from any food or drink establishment at the outlet malls as possible. But the chances of being ICE'd there are also pretty slim, so there's something to Tesla's choice of location for the supercharger.. Then onto the Charlotte supercharger, where I had at least a dozen cars drive by very slowly and look at what I was doing. This is a new location and so there is a lot of interest by the public. The return trip was equally uneventful, with my only comment being I hit the South Hill SC at around 8 pm Sunday (well lit by an overhead light along with the beautiful glow of lighted supercharger stands), and although the bar at Kahill's was open, the grill was closed. So I ended up walking 1/4 mile to the McDonalds to grab a snack. I did hit Glen Allen as well, and the place was a ghost town at 10 pm. I did have a brief scare when a guy popped out of nowhere on the way to his car - the vision of what happened at Barstow CA (where a Model S owner charging late at night was carjacked) popped into my head, but the man said hi and apologized for startling me.


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