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Joining the Club

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Ladies and Gentlemen- On April 28th you will have a fellow metallic grey 85D Tesla to caravan with on the Toll Road. She's currently passing through Albuquerque on her way to the East Coast. We also decided to install the center console, site unseen, so we'll see how that turns out. Looking forward to being a part of the Tesla family and enjoying all the fun.


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    Congratulations & welcome! Come out this weekend to the Reach the Beach event and say hi!
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    Welcome and congratulations for stepping into the future of transportation. Not everyone can recognize a paradigm shift. Hope to see you on the toll road although I don't use it alot. I did get HOV tags not that it saves any time.
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    Congrats! Met Gray, cool, be looking for ya. Sig Red.
  • Happy Tesla Day!
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