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Order an S now, take delivery of the X when it becomes available.

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Back in the day, (September 2013) we chose to order the S rather than wait for the X, a mind blower vehicle with extraordinary capacity for people and luggage.

30k miles later the smile is still on our faces. We have learned:

1. the S is so roomy we used our Acura MDX SUV only 3 times since taking delivery of our Model S November 22, 2013.

2. The S sets us free to drive. We no longer think of fuel cost. Living in the NW means we pay 6 cents/kwh. A full charge from 10 to 265 miles costs less than 5.00 at home and nothing on the road using the supercharger network.

3. Used for business, we get the mileage deduction on our taxes, which turns the s into the least expensive car we ever owned.

4. Tesla Model S is so well built it will, assuming no accidents, be good as new 30 years from now..still non polluting with no parts needing service. We may need to replace the battery a few times between now and 2045.

5. I was hit 3 times by other drivers between 1992 and 2015, giving me every reason to believe my life would end in a car crash. Model S's have been in serious accidents. To date, no owners or passengers have been injured or killed, an unprecedented safety record. I no longer think about the possibility. Safety of the Driver and passengers is the greatest value Tesla builds into its cars.

We are glad we bought the s instead of waiting. We can buy the X when it is more readily available.

We could have waited for the 3. We would have missed out on the fun, economy, versatility and safety we enjoy everyday.

How good is the S? We bought ours when Tesla was making 500/week. Most all production cars are made 1 a minute. Tesla ramps up production as soon as they can confirm quality along with the increased rate of production. So now, making many more per month, the wait is 4 months. The S is the best production car ever built by every standard of measure.

The moral to the story? Buy your S now. There is nothing to gain by waiting. The Model X will look great in your garage next to your Model S whenever your x is delivered.

Think of will own 2 great cars with no oil stains in your garage or on your driveway, no time or money wasted at gas stations and repair shops and no unnecessary visits to emergency rooms and hospital beds because of the mistakes of other drivers.

Life is good.

PS. We do not work for Tesla or own Tesla shares. We thank Tesla Motors and its employees for the cars they build and the work they do every day to complete the companies mission: "Enable drivers to drive coast to coast for free..on sunlight".
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