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Am I reading correctly that I can get an AFV tag for my new MS (arriving June '15) and it will allow,me to use the Peach Pass lanes for free?


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    You need to get the EV tag and then get a Peach Pass, which you should place inside the nose cone... then after all is set YES!
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    Yes, you can.

    Getting the Georgia AFV tag takes some time, but will happen. I had to purchase a conventional tag first, then transfer to the AFV tag.

    Argos is also correct, the typical glass mounted transponders are finicky and frequently inoperative on the inside of the front windshield, as are almost all adhesive transponders on the Tesla windshield.

    I have two transponders (gated community gate operation at Big Canoe and Peach Pass) installed inside the nose cone and they work perfectly, after trying in frustration to find a location inside the windshield that might work for the transponder stickers.

    The Marietta service center did the work to get the transponders installed on the inside of the nose cone and they now work perfectly.
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    To All,

    Registered my car yesterday in Gwinnett Co., Mall of GA office. Temp tag issued (sticker to put over your ZERO EMISSIONS Tag.

    The AFV (alternative fuel vehicle) tag will come in mail in a week.
    You have to have an AFV tag to apply for free peach pass toll service in HOT lanes as well as HOV lanes.

    If you ask, they will provide you with the tag #, so you can go ahead and apply for the peach pass transponder. Decatur Store told me that peach pass transponder worked fine on windshield...time will tell.

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    Can anyone comment if a windshield transponder works okay on 2015 windshields?
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    What do you do when required to have DV tag on front and back? GA law.
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    @sansingl Why would you have to. GA law does NOT require a tag on the front. Haven't even heard any rumors about requiring in the future either.
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    @semilam I have mine on the windshield right behind the rear view mirror so it can't be seen from the driver seat. Works perfectly there.
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    I am a 100 percent veteran that gets a free DV tag, one for the front and one for the back. It also serves as a handicap tag. That is GA law. You check it out. Also I am not required to pay 7 percent tax on my new tesla.
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    Well I am glad I DON'T have to have a tag on the front of my car - check that out. It totally ruins the look of the car. See if you can ditch that one. Kudos for not being required to pay 7%
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    I'd put a front license plate on my car to avoid the 7% tax...

    I got my first Peach Pass which is literally just a sticker with a chip inside. Is that what I mount inside of my nose cone? Any advice on how to mount it myself?
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    @kirk place it directly under the rear view mirror camera housing inside windshield. You won't see it (blocked by your mirror) and it'll be picked up flawlessly.
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    @Boonedocks: I thought on the newer P85D they had more metallic coating on the windshield?
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    @kirk, I have mine up against the top of windshield frame, tucked partially under the camera housing and within the dotted fringe of the windshield. No problems so far.
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    Kirk et al,

    I was never able to get the PeachPass sticker, or my Big Canoe security entry sticker to work in my 2013 Model S 60.

    Both PeachPass and Big Canoe provided at no charge a wand like device, about ten inches long and 1 inch square, waterproof, that provides the same function, and both of which the Marietta Tesla Service Center placed on the inside of the nose cone at no charge.

    This has worked flawlessly ever since for both needs. I was told at the time that the "Stickers" with which we are all familiar, do not work reliably in the nose cone. Nor have they worked reliably for everyone in the small are under the mirror that appears to not impede RF signals for these "Stickers". I could never find the sweet spot in the windshield and gave up. I believe that these wand security and Peachpass devices are available for the asking.

    Hope that helps....
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    wmmcc: who did you contact to get the "wand" for PeachPass? Website only references a bumper mount that I don't want to use as I don't want something stuck to the outside of the nose cone.
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    @clinresga: you mount it on the inside of the nose cone so it is not visible.
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    I have had my MS85D for 6 months now, the Servce Center instaled the Pach Pass inside the nose cone and I have had ZERO issues with HOT and HOV lanes!
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    As mentioned above, the "bumper"mount is what you want. Tesla mounts it inside the nose cone at no charge.

    Mine works perfectly for PeachPass, as does the same device for Big Canoe security gate.
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