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I would be interested in acquiring a unit Tesla POWERWALL 10 KWh. I plan to use the unit with a group of solar panel on an offgrid house.

Do you have a full "Specifation sheet"?
What should be the input volatge to recharge the unit (12V, 24V DC?)
What is the output voltage of the unit (12V, 24V DC)?
What is the capacity in Ah (ampere-hour) of the unit?
Is it a problem if the unit is exposed to temperatures below -20 Celsius?
The 10 year guarantee covers what?
What is the expected life of a unit?
Thank you for your cooperation,
Pierre Levasseur


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    Good Morning,

    We would like to quote the 7 KWh unit for backup, could you please send full specifications ?

    we will work with 120 VAC, and we expect 2-4 Hours of backup at 50% load

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    This is not a company info or transaction site. Just user and fan commentary. And if you want contact from them (us) you must post contact info.
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    I also would like to use this with an off grid house which will have PV modules in parallel to avoid serious partial-array-shading issues, so voltage range available for input to battery system would be around 30V, or up to 50ish V if I use boost MPPT controllers.

    So info on the allowable input voltage range on the Powerwall units would be really handy. Not sure why this seems to be being treated as a trade secret.

    Also, if output voltage of the Powerwall is in the 400V range, what 3rd party options would be available to convert 400V DC to 24V DC efficiently and safely for the off-grid DC appliances and LED lights etc?
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    I have post contact info but no reply until now, any body now where I can get Specifation sheet ?, because I need this info for design off grid system . Most info I need is :

    1. Input Voltage?
    2. Output voltage?
    3. Cycle Life?
    4. How much powerwall can be parallel?
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    They have specs in powerwall page, but those are "a bit" vague. It says "voltage" but doesn't specify if that is input or output or DC or AC.

    "grid compatible", again input or output? Says that doesn't include DC-AC converter, so I'm guessing neither? I mean how could it be grid compatible if it doesn't have that converter? Batteries are DC and grid is AC. Imaginary compatibility in parallel universe maybe.

    That spec page pretty much sucks. I hope Tesla makes a bit more detailed version soon.
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    Can the Powerwall be used in the UK and charged from a 240ac grid connected charger. Does the Powerwall include a mains charger?
    These things I need to know before reserving one. Surely you must have a PDF document with full spec?
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    I hope TESLA should come up with Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) with regards to POWERWALL and POWERPACK.

    Also they should divulge result of the testing done or customer experience with regards to use POWERWALL and POWERPACK that was tested before the announcement.We need to know if we need to set up the depth of discharge (DOD). what will be the extent of the warranty (I notice it was asked on the start of this thread).

    I am just wondering they already accept reservation but its not yet clear on the inverter to be used. Can we used other hybrid inverter other than was mentioned in the press kit. It mentioned Fronius Symo Hybrid inverter and SolarEdge that have partnership agreement with Tesla.

    Thanks in Advance.
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    Tried to make direct contact to Tesla about webpage. Can't. Requires phone number. Wont give it, at least not until I'm actual client of them and not just enthusiast. Requires topic. Powerwall not listed as possible topic.

    This sucks. Seriously. I'm really interested about the thing, but without proper specs wont reserve. That's like reserving a car without knowing that it has four wheels and it goes forward.

    Page is like if Model S page that says in place of specs that "It's a battery powered electric car, compatible with roads. Tires not included.", has a pretty picture about it and nothing else. I bet they wouldn't get many reservations using that kind of page.
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    Powerwall page says to reserve one & you will be contacted to arrange installation: it does not say they will sell direct.

    Presskit page lists "Highlighted Powerwall Distribution Partners" (which appears to be changing (daily?)), which conspicuously does not include installers such as SolarCity, but does include two inverter suppliers said to be used by SolarCity (SolarEdge & Fronius).

    I would not expect to see the same level of customer support from Tesla directly for a product such as this which "requires installation by a trained electrician" as for something marketed directly to consumers.

    Eventually I would hope to see more information, since in many jurisdictions a homeowner should be able to install one on his/her own home as long as it is approved by a licensed electrician.
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    I feel that Tesla is marketing Powerwall to people with an average to nil level of knowledge about PV systems, power systems, electrical specs etc. This is understandable because that's where the high-volume market is.

    However, unless they publish some more detailed specs, for people who know the constraints and trade-offs and the landscape of available complementary products, they will be losing a bunch of rabid early adopters who would jump at the chance to improve their existing solar installation, or jump at the chance to put in a small scale off-grid solar installation with effective new batteries.
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    According to Elon, in the first week they took enough orders to occupy them through mid-2016. Sales are not going to be in short supply.
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    In the call yesterday, Elon said that the temperature specs that they advertised were too narrow and that they would be republishing those. Additionally, he said that they had approximately 2,500 distributor request within the first few days of the release.
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    Off grid here ... time to replace my L-16s .. Hope I don't have to buy more L-16s!
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    I have scheduled for the installation of a solar system and Telsa Backup Battery through Solar City. Our site survey was conducted yesterday (11/13/15)and we will be hearing back from Solar City over the next week or two relative to installation and/or any adjustments required. From what they tell me, my home will only be the second installation that Solar city has performed here in Massachusetts so I am keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well and that the system performs the way they described it. I would be interested in hearing form others who have already had a Tesla Backup Battery installed and any pro's or con's. Thank you.
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    I will be interested to hear all about how this works out for you.
    I have a question: If your Tesla backup battery is fully charged, could you then charge your Tesla vehicle directly from that storage battery?
    Next question: Can the Tesla backup battery be charged directly from the grid (when perhaps your solar setup isn't getting any sun) ?
    If the answer is yes, then I can see how having the Tesla Backup Battery system would be good for folks that live in a area where the power does frequently go out do to storms, etc.
  • I know it's a bit off topic, but can anyone in this thread tell me if powerwalls can be stacked front-to-back vs side-by-side? If yes, how close they can be stacked?<br />
    Respectfully,<br />
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