Availability of adapter to charge a Roadster from a High Power Wall Connector for the S Model

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My HPC for my Roadster just died. I bought a S Model High Power Charger for my wife's Model S. I just learned from Tesla that they do not have an adapter that will allow me to charge from the Model S Charger. They suggested I go to the Forum although they told me that if I get a third party adapter it will void the warranty on my High Power Wall Connector. Anyone have a solution?


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    Email [email protected] for the Model S to Roadster adapter - no modification to your wall unit required so your warranty would still be valid.
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    MS can use Roadster HPC with an adapter. I don't think the reverse works.
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    I have the MS to Roadster adapter from Henry and it works beautifully. It is made for the MS HPWC (not supercharger)to plug into.
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    Thank you all for your comments. This is the first time I have gone back to the forum since I made my post. I have emailed Henry.
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    Henry's adapters are works of art. And it's highly doubtful that it would ever void a warranty, since there is no modification of the HPC ... and because a handful of service centers now have one of Henry's adapters just so they can easily charge Roadster customers.
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    @Brian H ... it does indeed allow a Roadster to charge from a Model S HPWC. Pretty sure, anyway . I do it all the time. Don't tell my Roadster it can't do that!
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    Don't forget to have your Roadster patched for the >70A chargers...

    That can get you.

    And the thread for the adapter -

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    @moderator please dump this @cmcnestt idiot.
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    Your comments really proved helpful and its worth reading and implementing.
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