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Yearly Maintenance

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Picking up my S85D in 2 weeks. Anyone doing the yearly maintenance service? I understand it's $600. each time and they're selling a 4 year package for $1,900. Any feed back from you guys?


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    I didn't get the $1900 deal when I got my car ((Dec 2012), and it is a decision I regretted ever since....could've saved $500 for service over 4 visits! I get my car serviced once a year regardless, and they do a great job keeping the car in tip-top shape. They also do software and firmware updates that in-between updates to the major ones pushed out to all Owners.
  • I took delivery in December. First, it's important to note that this is not "yearly" maintenance - it i maintenance every 12,500 miles (which for me is once every nine months or so). Second, as recently as December, they were selling the four year deal for $1,800 - in other words, one service out of four was completely free. They will likely continue to increase (not ever decrease) prices.

    I bought the full eight "years" maintenance (for $3,600), figuring that this will take care of me for six years. And, while I am likely to keep my car that long, if I do not, the maintenance is transferable.
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    From the Service agreement:

    The regularly scheduled maintenance inspections shall include the following (subject to change by Tesla at any time and without notice, in its sole discretion):
    • Vehicle inspection;
    • Replacement or repair at the time of inspection of normal maintenance items and wear and tear
    parts, excluding the Battery and tires;
    • Wheel alignment*; and
    • Tire rotation*.

    From my sevice:

    Part Quantity
    FILTER - PARTICULATE (1007479-00-C) 1
    BLADE ASY-WIPER RH (6005947) 1
    BLADE ASY-WIPER LH (6005948) 1

    Note: Virginia State safety inspection expires at end of November 2014.
    - Pulled logs and checked for faults: No faults found (10/16/2014).
    - Checked firmware version: Updated to the latest version 6.0 (1.67.43).
    - Topped off washer fluid.
    - Verified wiper and washer jet operation: Good, no issue.
    - Checked all seat belts and latches.
    - Tested and inspected customer’s charge cable: Good, no issue. Vehicle charged
    normally @80amps on HPWC.
    - Adjusted tire pressure to: 45 PSI front. 45 PSI rear.
    - Measured tire tread depth at:
    (Outer) (Center) (Inner)
    LF: 7/32 7/32 7/32
    RF: 7/32 7/32 7/32
    LR: 7/32 7/32 7/32
    RR: 7/32 7/32 7/32
    Corrections: Firmware Update - Courtesy Inspection
    Updated vehicle to the latest firmware 6.0 (1.67.43).

    Plus they take care of service bulletins:

    Concern: Technician noted steering click on test drive
    Pay Type: Warranty
    Corrections: Add Shim to Steering Mount Bolt and Retorque Subframe Bolts
    Added shim to the right side steering bolt, replaced steering bolts and torqued the
    subframe bolts.
    Part Quantity
    BLT HF M14x2.0x78 [10.9] ZnAl-W (1008339-
    Washer, Shim 28x16x0.5 (1024933-00-A) 1
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    I bought the full eight years/100,000 miles maintenance for $3,600.
    I have been very happy I did.
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    doesn't it seem like a lot of money though for a very small amount of maintenance? and the warranty work is covered regardless..
  • rdainer,

    Not sure I get your point. You must do the annual maintenance. The question is whether to buy it at discount for several years or pay full price ($600 per year) as you go...
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    piotr, what do you mean by "You must do the annual maintenance."? From what I've read, there's no such requirement. I believe Tesla has even said that skipping the annual maintenance will have no bearing on the car's warranty.
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    @Josh.md.us - +1
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    Had my Model S for over 3 years now. Had three annual service visits and each time I felt the service was well worth it. Tesla is still learning about these cars (even after 3 1/2 years), and one of the things they do each service is torque all the suspensions bolts (you won't see that annotated on the service paperwork, tho) and check everything over. I addition to small services such as rotate tires and change filters, they also do a complete 4 wheel alignment, do all the tech/service bulletins, and update your software and firmware to the latest versions (even later than what is released over the air by Tesla). At the annual service visit I have also had all my door handles and interior lighting replaced with the latest version (I have an early VIN, 2281). So I guess although you do not have to do the annual service, for me it is a good chance to get my car updated and completely checked out. For me it is well worth the $600-the car rides better, handles better, and feels better. Each Owner will have their own preferences and can decide for themselves if they get the annual service done or not.
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    well, I am not an owner yet since my X doesn't deliver for a while...but as i read what the service people do for the car, other than the software work, it seems like the other stuff could be pretty easily done by another mechanic for a lot less money.
  • Josh,

    I remember reading the opposite (that service is required to maintain warranty) but perhaps I am misremembering.

    It seems like a reasonable annual ritual, but perhaps not...

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    One thing to consider is that the yearly maintenance will likely include and alignment. I just had one done on one of my Fords, and it cost about $200 for a 4 wheel alignment. $600 per year is only $50 per month. If you do not like feeling the pain all at once, you can always set up autosave for an account where you save money specifically used for car service.

    The service is optional, but recommended and you know what to expect, unlike another car that you take in for an oil change and then get a call with a list of things they found that will cost you a lot more than you expected.
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