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Selling my Black 2014 MS 60

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Any tips on the best place to sell my model S 60 ?

The vehicles features are the Tesla Tech package, heated seats, custom grey 21 inch turbine wheels (Plus all season 19's from after market), electric door handles that present with fob, panoramic sunroof, rear parcel cover, GPS navigation, black piano finish dashboard and trim, all weather floor mats, black textile seats, SUPER CHARGER enabled for quick charge time, lightly tinted windows, and the most updated Tesla OS. Valued at $97k when I purchased last year....
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    @nicksonto: Only thing I would say is you need to be under the price of the Tesla CPO cars. There are two 2014 Model S 60s being sold by Tesla (one for $70,200 and the other for $73,000). Neither has sold - indicating they are probably overpriced.

    Might want to go to http://my.teslamotors.com/forum/forums/cpo-cars-are-selling-hotcakes and get some info there as well.

    Good luck!
  • Wow JThompson, so you think Nick's car lost nearly $30,000 in value or 30% in the first year after buying it? That would really suck.
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    I'm not sure about that 97k price... that doesn't sound right.

    In any case, the 60s quoted are far more optioned than the OPs... so hard to see him getting more.
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