Why Bureaucracies Can't Run Effective Websites.

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We should all be grateful that the government does not run Tesla and for the fact that the wealthy subsidize innovation so that the rest of us can benefit. Food for thought...


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    But they now run our healthcare, great move. The less government the better. I pray we can get back to the principle of limited government that this country was founded on.
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    Yeah, because this web site is such a shining beacon of functionality (cough) no search (cough) broken HTML (cough) no notifications (cough) etc.
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    @ wayne | May 11, 2015

    <i>The less government the better.

    So what would you prefer, anarchy?
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    @Grinnin, such a predictable response.

    I already stated what I would prefer in the post you responded to - "limited government that this country was founded on".
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    You are assuming those contractors who actually put up govt websites are actually attempting to make a turn-key, low maintenance system. Think of why they may not want to do that, and don't.
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    I'm all for small government, but I also like an educated workforce, reliable utilities, breathable air, and safe roads. Studying Civil Engineering in Kansas has been an eye opening experience. In reducing taxes in the hope of attracting large businesses, the state reduced quality of living and drove away existing talent. This is in addition to imposing discriminatory laws.

    The good news is that KCMO has been investing (both private and government funded) in creating an environment suited to tech and art related businesses (fibre, light rail, performance venues, etc), and social attractions. This included over a thousand charging stations installed in the KC metropolitan area on both sides of the state line. Last I checked, the KCMO Tesla store is booked weeks in advance.
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    @ wayne | May 12, 2015

    <i>@Grinnin, such a predictable response.

    <i>I already stated what I would prefer in the post you responded to - "limited government that this country was founded on".

    That's NOT what you stated in your post. I quote you:
    "The less government the better." That implies that the best government is no government at all. Which would lead to anarchy, IMO. Do you disagree? If so, why?

    Oh, but you didn't mean what you wrote. Yet you aim a flippant remark at me instead of admitting the reality of your claim: What you wrote implies that you disrespect government, ANY government!

    If your flippant remark means that you expected me to call you on your extreme statement, you're right.
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    Wow. The ever popular 'small government' argument. Joy. Goes hand-in-hand with 'family values', 'support or troops' and the various 'Wars ON...' that sound great but man nothing and get nothing done.
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    actually, i think this country has always been subject to a struggle between big-city/big-government (hamilton) types and individualism/small-government (jefferson) types.

    and as for as websites go, this one makes adobe's look like a model of efficiency and ease-of-navigation. maybe because it's so much smaller than adobe's, but i'm pretty sure there's more to it than size alone.
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    (but i do wish we could edit our own messages to correct typo's.)
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