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Wheen Rim Protection

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Has anyone had the Alloygator (or similar product) wheel rim protection installed (https://www.alloygator.com/)? I have heard excellent things about the product from my brother who had these installed and endorses it as essential to counter against curb damage on the rims.

If so, where did you get it installed?


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    I just posted to another person's question about wheel rim protectors. We went with the Wheel Bands that are sold by Evannex: http://evannex.com/products/wheel-bands. They have been a lifesaver. Since this is my husband's first brand-new car, I think I might have lost my life the first time I "rashed" against a curb, but the protectors protected! Thank goodness. We installed them ourselves and they were pretty easy to do. The kit comes with enough extra that you can replace a worn section, if needed.
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    I just got the Alloygators installed. Got the silver color which blends nearly perfectly with the 19" cyclone rims. Had them installed at a Auto Salon. $100 for 4 rim protectors straight from UK. Love them!
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    What a product(both)! Question for those whom have bought these protectors - I'm assuming they need to be removed\replaced when replacing the tires? Is that right? Thx
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    radonkey, which salon did you use? I just went to Benchmark in Lynnwood and they quoted $65/hr and estimated 3-4 hours. They said the wheels need to be removed and it's time- consuming.
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