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Shout out to Driven Dynamics for clear coat and tint near Rockville SC.

If you are considering window tint or Ceramic Pro 9H clear coat in Maryland, I can vouch for www.DrivenDynamics.com
They are conveniently located less than two miles from the Rockville Service Center. Upon receipt of my new S85D, I drove it straight there. The clear coat was applied on the paint, chrome and rims. Water beads up like a freshly waxed car without the need for waxing. Brake dust wipes right off the rims. Gilbert and his team did a great job.


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    @Bob.Calvo, do you mind letting us know what they charged you?
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    Bob, I would be interested to know the cost too. Thanks.
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    This is from Gilbert about his current pricing. I combined with window tint at the same time and got a competitive price. These compares favorably to other locations that I've seen on line.

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    Thanks for the kind words Bob,

    If you want to share pricing with people you can give them our current prices. $650 for Bronze Package, $850 for Silver package and $1100 for Gold Package. Paint correction can be anywhere between $250.00-$400.00 additional.

    Thanks again for the referrals .

    Gilbert Morales | Shop Manager
    Driven Dynamics
    Automotive Film Solutions
    112-G Frederick Avenue
    Rockville, MD 20850
    O. (301) 838-0333
    C. (240) 383-0921
    E. [email protected]
    W. www.DrivenDynamics.com

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    Thanks Bob, appreciate it.
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