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Is Bethesda Tesla Country?

Every morning when I drive my daughter to Pyle Middle School, we see at least one or two, and sometimes as many as five, Teslas (including mine and at least two more just at Pyle). That's a pretty heavy concentration for the area.

Also, I guess Tesla owners are hard working folks as my drive is in the hours of 7:30 a.m. - 8:30 a.m.

Today I was almost (o.k. - it wasn't that close) involved in a Tesla on Tesla collision. I am not sure I want to claim that "first."


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    Yowza - glad to hear you avoided that accident.

    As far as Bethesda being Tesla country... I've noticed my fair share of them around the area - especially around Glen Echo shopping/restaurants. And I'm happy to say as of yesterday I became a member of said family.

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    In the past year. since I placed my order, I have seen them with exponentially increasing frequency in the greater DC area. Maybe I just recognize them now.
  • rnguy001 - Welcome! As I live just blocks away from the Rockville Service Center, I also see a bunch of Teslas in THAT area.

    I am always struck by the thought of: "well it is the same machine as all the other cars I see" - but that is really an illusion. It just looks similar but it is fundamentally different.

    Suffice it to say that if all the other cars ran on electricity, the world would be a very different place.
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    @piotr I am sure that you and I have passed each other on some of those mornings doing the Pyle dropoff. I have alse seen 3-4 others doing a 3 mile roundtrip between my house and the school. No plate in front and I haven't placed the HOV sticker on the back - yet. Next year I will likely be doing the occassional run between home and Whitman and home and Pyle.

    When I ordered my car last July I might see one Model S a week. Since then it has continued to increase from 4-5 sightings per week to 4-5 sightings per day.

    @mguy001 - congratulations on your new model S! Which version did you get and what color?
    Enjoy! See you on the road!
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    @rnguy001 I just saw your "Finally" post and the picture of your car. It's awesome!!!
  • Brad,

    Mine is the now discontinued brown color with blue Chesapeake Maryland tags both front and back. I carry my EV sticker in the glove compartment, with the plan that if I ever get stopped in an HOV lane, I will produce it and plead forgetfulness. The fact is that I really hate gucking up my car with this large ugly sticker.
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    I make the Whitman run a few times a week to pick up after sports practice is over. Next year I will be going to both Pyle and Whitman when the kids miss the bus!
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