Washington DC

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DC Area to Raleigh, NC went very smoothly...

edited November -1 in Washington DC
Took my couple month 85D out for its first road trip over the weekend. We went from the DC Area to Raleigh, NC via the South Hill, VA Supercharger on the way down and Glenn Allen Supercharger on the way back. While in Raleigh we managed to charge for free at one of the Raleigh Municipal garages a couple of times for free. The only issue was the Tesla GPS doesn't have an address number for the South Hill Superchager and only routes you to the street. I had to go to the Tesla Motors website to get the street address for the Supercharger and then had to remember it is in the back parking lot of the Kayhill Restaurant (food was pretty good by the way). The Glenn Allen Supercharger routing worked fine and as a side note was very close the to Bass Pro Shop which added a little to the stop (~4 miles away).

~ 600 miles trip in the Tesla and was very painless...
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