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Problems at Rockville Service Center?

So, it is now well documented that the RSC does not have enough loaner Teslas to have them available for many customers. Those who would like to drive out in a Tesla when their car is being serviced had better schedule the service about four weeks in advance.

And now I am having another issue which may be caused by a poor process.

On Monday, I brought my Tesla in for service (scheduled a month in advance, so I could use one of their few loner Teslas). The problem I am having is that my park assist becomes disabled whenever the car is subjected to moisture - even light rain (certainly car wash). I shared this and even more detail with the rep and left the car there at 8:00 a.m. Good news, by 3:30 p.m. they called me that the car was ready.

When I went to get the car, I learned that they adjusted some things (now we know, apparently not connected to the issue I brought the car in for). They then washed the car. Here, they claim that they didn't notice any issue when they washed it; but the bottom line is that as soon as I turned on the car, the park assist disabled warning light came on. I would expect that they would be embarrassed about this and apologize profusely - but not really. Anyway, I took the loaner car back (perhaps depriving someone else of it, but I digress) and left my car at the RSC overnight. And it is here, that I believe their process breaks down.

Next day, of course, they had new appointments, so my car just stood and waited. Not for a part or some other good reason. It just waited because the new appointments were now ahead in the RSC queue. It stood there until about 3:00, I believe, at which time it went in for work, which, it is not hard to imagine, was not completed by the end of the day.

So, here I sit, Wednesday morning. My car is still at RSC. (I actually had some plans with it today.) And, I am sure RSC has more scheduled customers this morning so who knows when they will get to my car - day 3.

My point? Twofold: first, when you screw up, you stand on your head to make it right. That is certainly not happening here - I am just last in line at this moment. Second: RSC clearly needs to invest in some redundancy. It cannot be that when they don't fix the car in one day, it then is relegated to the back of the queue. And while they are at it, they should get more loaner Teslas as well... ...at least I am now driving one of them, but I shudder to think that one of you out there who made an appointment for a loaner Tesla a month in advance is being told this morning that they "ran out..."


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    That sounds like what a chevy dealer would do. Not good!
  • So, as I write this on Thursday evening (9:00 p.m.), I still do not have my car. Reminder, I dropped it off at 8:00 a.m. on Monday morning - my "appointment" time.

    C'mon Rockville Service Center. Read this. Be embarrassed. Fix it. (If you want to apologize, that would be civil too - but never mind: just fix it!)
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    Some others have reported the same issue. They seem to claim that pushing the software again seems to resolve it.

    See http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/showthread.php/41321-P85D-Parking-Assist-Disabled
  • Thanks, sahilmalik. I think that is the first thing they tried out of the starting block, but my issue appears to be more complicated. They are now going to replace a sensor and charge me for it as they are voiding my warranty on this due to a tiny fender scratch that I had repaired about four months ago (long before the issue arose). All in all a pretty nightmare experience....
  • Tesla e-mailed me a service satisfaction survey today, inquiring about my service experience. How efficient of them.

    The problem?

    It's Friday afternoon and my car still is not ready (dropped it off on Monday morning). So, I guess, as of when the e-mail arrived, my service experience is not so good...
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    Not to be a dissenter of this thread, but I have never had a bad experience at Rockville. I have an early model (VIN P02281) and experienced a lot of the early design problems (and fixes), and thru it all, Rockville Service Center has been outstanding. Had an appointment today for 0730 for several warranty issues (all minor), go a P85+ loaner, and the car was ready by 5. I asked if I could come in the morning at 0800 and pickup my car, and they said no problem.
  • JThompson,

    Ah, so it was YOUR service that kept my car standing around ;-)

    I am sure RSC does fine work most of the time. But if there are some processes that are broken, it would be good if they addressed them. I got caught in one this time. If they don't fix it, next time I will be having a great experience and it will be someone else's turn...
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    I too have had nothing but great service at Rockville. While I'm sure your particular incident is a pain, i would hardly conclude from your solitary experience that "some processes are broken." I had my car in for service on Friday. They delivered the loaner promptly and Jonathan, as always, kept me up to date on what is happening. In my case they have to keep my car for a week to realign the trunk. I wasn't expecting this but i find it really hard to complain when i have a Tesla in my garage and i know they will fix the car to their normal exceptional standards. Or maybe i should complain because they gave me a 60 instead of my P85?? Ha ha.

    I guess sometimes attitude is everything. You have a Tesla loaner, right?
  • Jacobp, point about attitude well taken.

    Having a car returned to me as broken as when I left it, and having to point it out that it wasn't fixed and learning the next afternoon that it wasn't even being worked on just didn't seem like good service.

    O.k. I have my car back. All is back right with the world. (But when you live that experience sometime in the future, I will remind you that I raised the red flag and you implied that I should let it go, so I did - and nothing got fixed.)
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    Great. Just curious, did you have to pay for the new sensor that you referenced in your prior post?
  • Jacobp, yes I did have to pay as Tesla voided the warranty. Now, this I don't feel I can complain about. There are three theories as to how the sensor got damaged. 1. It was delivered damaged by Tesla. 2. It was damaged in a slight bumper brush I had (which was not at all in the sensor area). 3. It was damaged by the body shop as they took off and reinstalled the bumper to repair it.

    The whole episode was weird in that the problem did not develop until months after the car was repaired. Nevertheless, I have to believe that chances are about 70% that it was damaged in original bumper brush, 20% damaged in repair, 10% delivered damaged by Tesla. Regardless, under these circumstances, Tesla is well within its rights to void the warranty.

    Presently: happy to have this behind me and move on...
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