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Production Complete >> Transit from the Factory

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Woke up to terrific news this morning that my Tesla S85D is Production Complete and that it's in "Transit from the Factory"

I assume shortly thereafter I will be getting a call from my assigned Delivery Experience Specialist to pick-up the car...so on that point...I was hoping to gleam some information/experience from those who have gone through this terrific event.

If you were to do it all over...what are the things you would look out for or ask when picking up the car?



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    A fellow owner and member here created a checklist just for this!


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    Perfect. Thank you
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    My 70D was "in transit" starting 6/1. But phoned 6/5 and it is still sitting in the California sun, awaiting transport to Seattle. Another week maybe. They don't call about scheduling delivery until transporter is scheduled.
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    "In transit" in my case (last month) meant it's waiting for a truck to have a full load to head to Seattle. It then changed to "being prepared for delivery” which meant it was on its way here. Car arrived a couple of days later, picked it up couple of days after that (I had dual chargers installed which added about a day).
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    @michael.o.mcgrath How long was your car in the production queue before you got the message that production was completed? My S85D has been in production queue for about a week, and they have been telling me I can expect a 6/15 delivery. Thanks for any insights you can provide on the timelines you experienced for your car.
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    My Car was "Production Complete" and in transit for about a week. It sat in CA for three days before they would put it on the truck. Once it reached here the delivery specialists were very busy. So it sat in the Tesla SODO parking lot for 4 days. I was able to go and see it with all the white tape around it. I just took delivery on 6/5 and I am enjoying the ride.
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    Thanks for your summary. I can hardly wait. This my second MS, got an S85 in January 2013, and absolutely love what Tesla has done with the MS. How much of the new hardware have you been able to experience? I am particularly interested in the autoparking features, as I have had issues getting in and out of my garage over the past 2.5 years with my MS, and look forward to letting the car park itself, etc.
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    Self parking not yet released. Besides faster acceleration (which you get used to suprisingly fast), adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, emergency breaking/warning, and folding mirrors are probably the differences you will notice between your old and new one. Of course this assumes you got the same options.
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    I'm happy to share...

    My timelines are as follows

    Sunday, 5/17 - Took my first test drive of the MS; ordered my 85D AWD
    shortly thereafter

    Friday, 5/22 (estimated) - Status set to Production Queue

    Thursday, 6/04 - Status set to "Production Complete > Transmit from Factory"

    Today...no change :(

    I'm finding myself visiting the My Tesla page several times in the course of the day (and night) to see if it's in a "being prepared for delivery”. Patience has never been a virtue of mine.

    Anyhow, I will keep you updated as progress is made.
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    Ordered S85D May 7.

    May 11 final details confirmed

    May 14 entered the queue

    May 27 entered production

    Jun 2 Transit from factory (seems like it should be in Seattle)
    Made a Friday the 12th appointment with the DS (I have no idea if this will hold)
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    Thanks michael.o.mcgrath for details. I would certainly like to know when your car arrives at Seattle SC, relative to your 6/4, transmission from factory notice. I just got my "production complete", transmission notice, and made my final payment today. I will drop off my 2012 S85 to Platinum Auto for transshipping to new owner in California on Thursday. It will be tough being without a Tesla for a few days until my new car arrives. It is supposed to be here on 6/15, and I sincerely hope that is realistic?
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    My new P85D has been "production complete" since June 4th as well, so our cars should be on the same truck. This will be our second MS (2013 S85) and I might be even more excited than the first time. I know my wife is, as she gets our original car all to herself.
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    @tmwright, @Tesla-David
    Yesterday afternoon I got a call from my Delivery Experience Specialist (Andrew). He confirmed that the car(s) will be delivered in Seattle this Thursday. I am tentatively scheduled to pick her up the following Monday (as they need 3 days to prep and ready the car).

    @tmwright - I assume you'll be getting a similar call as well. Happy news...

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    Wow, thanks @michael.o.mcgrath and @tmwright. Yes, hopefully both are cars are on the same truck to Seattle SC. Not sure I am as excited as for the first car which involved a 3 year wait, so not strictly comparable. That said, I am profoundly excited about the new car and look forward to getting it next week. Happy trails to all Tesla owners out there.
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    My 70D was in transit as of last Saturday. My DES said (today) he was going to ping it and see where it was but have not heard back from him. We used to be able to ping it with the app but too many people were honking the horn so they put an end to that. The car was in production for 7 days.

    Sure looks like all of us Tesla buyers are still just a bunch of kids waiting for Christmas :)
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    Apparently Christmas arrived early, as I am scheduled to pick up my baby this Saturday morning
    I am so psyched
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    @michael.o.mcgrath thanks for the heads up! I have Danny and I know he's swamped so l'll have to be patient I'm sure.

    @Tesla-David I only had to wait around 6 months the first time so definitely not as arduous as your experience. I think I'm mostly jazzed because I'm getting all the features I skipped last time.
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    @michael.o.mcgrath When did your status change to "in transit" ?
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    It got updated Thursday, 6/04
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    Picked up today at 9am:-)
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    Congrats @tgelinas! I got my call today, but due to my schedule I can't pick up until next Friday. It's going to be a long week.
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    Got my call on Tuesday from DS, and will be picking my fully loaded S85D up on Tuesday (16 June) at 9:00 a.m. Really looking forward to getting behind the wheel as I have been Tesla-less since Thursday, after dropping off my 2012 S85 at Platinum Wholesale Auto for delivery to new owner in CA.;0)
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    @tmwright - I'm scheduled for a Friday pick up too! They beat my expectations for delivery and I have an electrician scheduled for an estimate on the 18th - obviously not in time to be ready for when my MS arrives!
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    Just a reminder, if you don't pick up the car before July 1st, there is this new pesky surcharge of 10% (WA state tax) - so ~$7K-$12K depending what you ordered.

    Given that:
    @Jenchen21, beating the delivery expectations is a good thing
    @tmwright, if your schedule delays beyond June, consider sending a delegate to pick up the car before July.
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    Thanks @whitex. I actually moved my purchase up by several months to take advantage of the tax break. I'm picking up the car at 9:00 am tomorrow, so definitely making the cut.

    @Jenchen21 congrats! Tonight will be a bit like Christmas eve. Unfortunately, I have to work after picking up instead of driving for a few hours. I guess that's what Saturday will be for.
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